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    What does your ideal Pokémon game look like?

    We're all different people, so we all have different ideas of what a "good" Pokémon game looks like. What are some of the things you look for in a Pokémon game? What is your "ideal" game? Here's mine: 1. Is a direct sequel to the previous generation. One thing I always loved about Gen...
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    The Generation 1 Remake Discussion Thread

    After ORAS come out in less than a month, Generation 1 will be the last Generation to be unavailable on the 3DS, as neither RBY or FRLG can be played on anything newer than a DS Lite (a very obsolete handheld that's only becoming harder to find as time goes on). Furthermore, the games...
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    Name 5 Things You Like About Your Least Favorite Gen

    The best of the worst, essentially. Can you think of 5 positive things to say about your least favorite Generation? I'll start: 1. More convenient Box System. Having to constantly save and switch Boxes in Gens 1 and 2 was tedious, and Mew forbid you try to lob a Ball at that Legendary...
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    Do remakes always overwrite originals?

    Since this topic kept on being brought up in this thread and derailing it into a huge fight, I'm giving it its own thread. Are remakes always the most canon version of a story? Normally, I would say yes. They're the most recent and modern telling of a story, and they usually fit in better...
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    Which Generation 1 game is the most canon?

    As a writer, the idea of a story being consistent with itself and making sense is very important to me. Nothing bugs me more when I'm watching a TV show or reading a book series and there are blatant continuity errors. Establishing what is and isn't canon is a big deal. There has been some...
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    Why are so many Ice Types slow and defensive?

    Four weaknesses (to very common types), one (useless) resistance, and no immunities. Strong against four (very common) types. The Ice Type seems to be the very definition of "glass cannon," if not the embodiment of it. It's good against a lot of things, but can't take a hit to save its...
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    Why did Gen 2 get rid of Lorelei and Agatha?

    As much as I love GSC, there's one huge thing I *didn't* love about them--Their astonishingly lame Elite Four. Even taking the low level curve into account, the trainers, themselves, were a clear step down from the previous Gen. Will was laughably bad. Psychic is a type full of cool...
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    Why are so many dragons part-Flying or part-Ground?

    Is it me, or is Dragon the least diverse Type ever? There are, currently, 13 fully-evolved Dragon Types who are neither Legendaries or Mega Evolutions. Yes, that's a low number, but what's even lower is the number of those dragons who have a dual type that isn't Flying or Ground: Four...
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    Types that you never use on in-game teams?

    Even though there are 17 (15 in RBY, 18 in XY) types, some are always going to see more use than others for whatever reasons. What are the ones that you use the least on your in-game teams? (Note: Only count Fairy if you've played XY.) Here's mine... Fighting: I think this one's...
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    Bashing the Older Generations

    There's a thread here that's about why people "hate Gen 4 and 5," and while that's a good thread and all, if you ask me, I see FAR more hate for the older games, especially RBY and GSC. All the time (here and at other boards), I see people moaning about how the first two Generations are...
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    Have Elite Four members been "screwed over," storywise?

    One thing that's always kind of annoyed me is how little screentime Elite Four members have gotten in the games, even compared to Gym Leaders. With a few exceptions, they're almost never seen outside of their rooms, and they never have any interaction with the protagonist outside of the...
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    Hello, Bulbagarden!

    Well, I guess it's time to de-lurk and introduce myself.:shy: I'm Betty. I may be a new member, but I'm far from new as a fan. I first discovered Pokémon as a kid through the anime way back in 1999, and I eventually got Yellow that Christmas. I later got Blue, Gold, and Silver, as well as...