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  1. atari6600

    Moves that Pokemon should/should not be able to learn

    I dunno much about the competitive aspect or the meta game as I play for fun. When it came down to Air Slash I just went with the first flying type move that popped into my head that seemed to make sense to me. As for Dragon Pulse, I never really questioned why. Though an Ampharos with Dual...
  2. atari6600

    Moves that Pokemon should/should not be able to learn

    Oh I have a HUGE list of moves that I feel certain Pokemon should learn. Here we go: Hitmonlee- Trop Kick: I figured at that, at the very least, this could make it into Hitmonlee's moveset in US-UM, after all, Hitmonlee IS the Kicking Pokemon. Of everything on this list, I feel this is one...