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    Clever Pokémon Nicknames

    i like to keep themes with my nicknames even though i only started giving nicknames last generation. in unova my pokemon all had shortened versions of their japanese names as their nicknames since i orignally learned the japanese names of the unova pokemon and didnt like the english ones, so my...
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    Clever Pokémon Nicknames

    I've only nicknamed my Pokemon in one game, White. For my party in White, I'd name them a shortened/changed version of a pokemon in their evolutionary family's japanese name. Like for example, I got my Oshawott but I recognized the Pokemon by their japanese names 'cause I got used to them so I...
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    A Pokémon for each genre of music

    Jigglypuff/Meloetta- Pop Scrafty- Rap Exploud- Metal Onix- Rock Dodrio- Country Ludicolo- Latin Porygon-Z- Electronic
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    The Splicing Game

    Here's that Dragonair/Flaaffy :) How about- Ho-oh & Daikenki (Samurott) That sounds hard :o
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    Celebration of Lady Gaga and her Little Monsters

    xD Fail! Well whatev's you shoula been like- FUCK YOUR POSTS and got that thousndth xD Ehh i'mma go to watch a movie. Bai gaizz :]
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    Celebration of Lady Gaga and her Little Monsters

    XD Epic! But nah he's a guy.And i'm pretty sure he's gay anyway ;o. But what if Jo is gay? MIND=BLOWN Ehh well i'd be surprised if she did go :P I CANNOT wait till the VMAs! :D
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    Celebration of Lady Gaga and her Little Monsters

    Thanks for the link :ksmile: Fortunately I think it's false xD Insiders are usually all wrong... Unless they're Jeff, our BEST gaga insider.
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    Celebration of Lady Gaga and her Little Monsters

    Where's the source for the Kardashian stuff McQueen?
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    Celebration of Lady Gaga and her Little Monsters

    Aww that's sweet :) Well then if anything put the pictures in the order you see fit. Gaga wants us to interpret her songs and art the way we so please so each photo you use should be with the song you associatewith most generally :]
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    Celebration of Lady Gaga and her Little Monsters

    Ehh I just think the pic used for Electric Chapel fits Marry the Night. The one for MTN does not look like it'd fit Electric Chapel though. I just always associate MTN with that picture is all.
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    Celebration of Lady Gaga and her Little Monsters

    Well the notifications are enabled to let you know someone is replying to you... But everyone has their own preferences. I'd rather not keep checking a thread. As for the pictures I'd replace MTN and Electric Chapel :X Ehh again, just preferences. Also Gov. Hooker and Scheisse. The others...
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    Celebration of Lady Gaga and her Little Monsters

    Well frankly the song imo is just not that good. I far prefered it as a piano ballad and now that it's country-rock I really don't like it. It just sounds so honky-tonk and loud. Also I said I liked the video. I can have my own opinion about a single, can't I? I admit it's been climbing those...
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    What's Your Favourite Pokemon From Each Generation?

    Gen I: Dragonite (Runner Up: Pikachu) (Runner Up Up :P : Mew) Gen II: Umbreon (Runner Up: Pichu) Gen III: Absol (Runner Up: Sceptile) Gen IV: Togekiss (Runner Up: Dusknoir) Gen V: Mijumaru (Runner Up: Stoutland) Runner Up Up :P : Keldeo)
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    Official BMG Picture Thread Vol. 2

    Hai ^__^
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    Celebration of Lady Gaga and her Little Monsters

    How have you guys been reacting to Gaga's decisions lately? You And I as a single = flop. Video for it was pretty good. One of my favorites. But I swear, besides the Bad Romance dance, the video is the only good thing Flopianne Gibson was ever partly responsible for. I wish Gaga would fire her...
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    Which generation has the best music?

    I'm a little biased so i'm going with gen 2 but in all honesty I love all generation's music. Each and every one had their own great tunes and melodies. I went with 2 cause it had some of my favorite tracks on there like National Park, Goldenrod City, and Violet City. And the nostalgia :P My...
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    VG Weekly Poll #4: Do you EV Train?

    I don't EV train my in-game team but I do EV train Pokemon I plan on using for competitive battling.
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    What time is it over there?

    7:40 pm
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    Least Fav Unova Pokemon

    Conkledurr is just...Ugh. I hate it's design. The ice cream line is okay but i'd never use it.
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    What was your best moment in your life?

    I know what you mean. I was gonna leave from Puerto Rico and my b-day was the day after I left. The night before my flight my family threw me a surprise party. I almost started crying xD One of my favorite moments. Then the day after I left Puerto Rico, was my real birthday. Still felt great...