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    I have a question

    I've looked all over for it and couldn't find the answer. I remember reading somewhere that in Gen 4, if a legendary Pokemon faints and you save it, then it will come back after a certain amount of time is that true? If so, which Pokemon, and how long is the time period?
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    Funny youtube vid of Brand New Black and White

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGChMIioFqs really funny, be warned, for adutls as contains 1 use of the c word.
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    Help posting a thread

    I have been trying to find an admin but couldn't, if I wanted to post a thread, asking/discusing Australian citizenship, which board would I put it in?
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    What do the little pictures under a person's name mean?

    I keep seeing lots of users with little pictures under there names in threads. Like a Team Rocket R, or Ash's head, Misty's head, I was wondering what they mean, if you have to earn them, or if its just an accessory you can add on yourself?
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    Do warnings and Infractions ever expire?

    I'm still a newbie here, as I don't come on very much, and don't know the intricacies of everything yet. Do your warnings and infractions ever disappear. I have a warning that expired last month, but its still on my infractions page, I was wondering if it will eventually disappear after a period...
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    Discussion on Eusine

    What becomes of him? I mean in Crystal he went back to Celadon City, but in HGSS he doesn't, he just seems to disappear (I don't know if he reappears or not). So I was wondering what you guys think happen to him. Would he go looking for another Suicune, we know there are more than one, would he...
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    I can't stand the Pokewalker because...

    I decided to put this in its own thread as this isn't really to do with the general discusion on the Pokewalker, this is to do with the many people I hear who have big complaints about this new little gimick device. So here is a thread to list them and discuss with others about them. So, I...
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    Zorua/Zorark English name.

    What do you think there English names will be? Will they stick with the same names as Japanese like Arcues, Shaymin etc. or will they have new English names like most other Pokemon, if so, I'd better not get too used to calling them these names.
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    Trying to understand the Pokewalker

    God help me. I have walked 6600 steps with my Machop through the Rugged Road and obtained 360 Watts, so that's 36 turns on the Poke Radar, according to serebii I should have a 50% chance of finding a Magby as my Machop is fighting type and I've done over 5000 steps. Yet on all 36 tries I didn't...
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    Lock Capsule

    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before but I couldn't find it so I thought I'd start a thread on it. What effect if any will the Lock Capsule have in BW? Will it unlock an event/event pokemon. Will it be used to evolve a certain Pokemon, or is it just leftover data from HGSS beta. The...
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    Does anyone else find it odd...

    that where as all other major characters kept their teams the same from GSC to HGSS, such as Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Rocket Exec's, Ash/Red is the only one to have actually changed a member of his team. He replaced Espeon with Lapras, what also strikes me as being odd, is the fact that he...
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    Hey there.

    I've been reading these forums as well as the forums on Serebii from around January this year, and with the announcement of Black and White, I thought I might join in the fun. Now I've run out of things to say so I'll stop writing. I hope I can make some new friends on here as well as...