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    Gold or Crystal?

    Right, I finally beat Yellow (my first time, actually--never too late!) and now am starting on Generation II (Generation III maybe--but because of the e-Reader nonsense, incompatibility with previous generations, hostility to GameShark, we won't get into that), so the question now lies: should I...
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    Using GameShark to clone Pokémon

    So I was playing Pokémon Yellow (even though I've never played it all the way through) and even recently bought an old-school GameShark at the used video game store to get Surf on Pikachu (I feel a little guilty that I did it so early in the game). I've got a decent team with Pikachu (Lv19)...
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    Some ideas I was tossing around

    I was kind of hoping to make a really good story that follows RBYG. The thing is, it's going to be kind of "adaptations" with original writing mixed in of Electric Tale of Pikachu, Adventures, animé, and the game, all tied together. - The protag should be named either Red or Ash...or both? -...
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    When should have the animé have ended?

    Okay, I know that BW is a bit controversial, and a lot of people don't like it. That's not the point. The point is, I think somewhere along the line, the Pokémon animé lost focus. I mean, the first season for instance was a winner in many aspects: you had the cool theme song, some cool...
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    Racking up steps

    What's the best way to rack up steps for Daycare leveling? I dropped off a rare Pokémon at the Day Care in Yellow, and I wish it to level up to 40 from 17 as soon as possible! Any tips?
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    Aesthetics of Player Characters

    I don't know why, but it seems to me the quality of player characters (based on official artwork, not sprites) have looked worse and worst. RBY: Red looked determined, ready to win. Looked sort of like Ash but wasn't an idiot. He was the guy every 10 year old wanted to be. GS: Gold took...
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    2BA Master soundtrack origin?

    I'm confused about most of the songs in 2BA Master CD. A lot of the songs are in Pokémon Live, but also in Pikachu's Jukebox. Which came first?
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    I was playing Pokémon Yellow for the first time in several years. I had assembled a pretty good team, a Squirtle, Butterfree (with Confusion), Ivysaur, Charmeleon, Pikachu, and Geodude. I had done the first three bosses, er, gym leaders, easily. But then I got to Rock Tunnel, which needs Flash...
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    Did BW hit the reset button?

    A lot of people don't seem to like Best Wishes--Ash looks younger, is re-iterated as a 10-year-old, and TR is more serious. Ash's old companions, both Misty and Brock, are now gone. He even acts less experienced. But I have a question. From reading the summary of In The Shadow of Zekrom...
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    Observations while watching 1999-2000 episodes

    I re-watched some of the old Orange League/Indigo League episodes that were some of my favorites. INDIGO LEAGUE: "Go West, Young Meowth": This was a weird episode, full of random things (including Brock's dreams of the starlets, Meowzie's scary-looking owner), and narrated by Meowth's voice...
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    I still hate Generation III

    Now, every Generation has its haters, but I still don't get Generation III. For one, the graphics were okay, but there were so many things wrong with it: I think that the loss of backwards compatibility (and I was not aware of this until I got it) was number one for me. Secondly, was the...
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    Linking various cities

    In the animé especially, it always seemed strange to me that there were highly developed cities and towns, but everything is linked with dirt routes (or worse) that we never see cars go on. My only explanation is that highways bypass the Pokémon-filled routes.
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    Animé Adaptations: The Worst?

    The Animé adaptations by Tracey West and others are probably one of the worst pieces of work ever. Most novelizations of movies add in lots of stuff, likely from the script. The adaptations, however, get things completely out of order, and dumb down the dub script even more, making it almost...
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    Strangest Episode Ever?

    I think one of the weirdest episodes I've ever seen is Go West, Young Meowth. It was a filler episode, Ash & Co. were hardly in it, the whole episode was narrated by Meowth (which was rather grating), it wasn't even set in Kanto (Hollywood, California?!) I've attached some thumbnails...
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    [START-UP] The Animé Journey

    OOC: Welcome to the Animé Journey, an RP that takes place in the same universe as the animé. Sign-ups are done. There are five trainers, three male, two female. Males include Cygnus Light, Tyler, and Bryan Roberts by Bulbapedia members Corruption, OwNaGe, and Silver (respectively). Females...
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    [SIGN-UP] The Animé Journey

    Ever thought that in the animé, Ash and his pals were idiots? Ever wondered why Ash never catches as many Pokémon as he should, and releases them with surprising regularity? In this RP, it's the same universe as the animé, except instead Ash, Misty, and Brock, it's you and your fellow forum...
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    An evolution-related question

    Having been disconnected from Pokémon for years at a time, I want to know a few questions I've had: 1. Are there any Pokémon with three evolutions (as in, evolving three times, not something like Bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venusaur, which evolve twice, and not the Eeveelutions). 2. Are there any...
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    My Pokémon book idea

    So I was thinking to myself, with information from Bulbapedia and the rest of the Internet, wouldn't it be cool if someone compiled a huge book about everything Pokémon? Of course, such a book would be huge, so I decided to break it into generations. Generation One, the first volume, would...
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    PS3D: About Me

    Hello! I'm Pseudo3D. To tell more about myself, I'm a "retired" Pokéfan, becoming a fan in late 1999. It depresses me that there are Pokéfans today not even born in 1999... I run a few blogs, the newest being So Long Pikachu, a website designed for older fans. Personally, I feel...