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    DiamondSkies sprite shop! =D

    DiamondSkies' sprite shop! Well I have been planning on making a shop for a while sooooo here it is. I offer- Splices Neons Disguises Eeveelutions Shadeless Splices, Eeveelutions, and disguises are what i'm best at. ...Well here are some examples- I can do transparents but never find...
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    Which of these two sprites is better?

    Poison type Eeveelution? Or normal type eeveelution. And while your at it why dont you rate these? ^__^ You have to click on it to see it better.
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    My sprites ^-^

    Okay Id like for all of you to crtitique my sprites and Pictures. Lantern and Politoed Splice Click picture to view completeley. Revamp Frozen Arcanine Octillery+Pidgeotto Splice Click picture to view Pichu family Recolors. Click picture to view Please tell...
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    Oh hello there :3

    Hi im new and really like pichu. C: I was interested in the trade box and ended up joining. I have some good pokemon worth trading for btw. :3 well bah!!!!