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    The Simple Question / Simple (or not so) Answer thread Mark II

    Re: when gamestop will open? I am pretty sure it's a NA/Canada only.
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    If Team Rocket is over with, what's your reaction?

    I got bored with TR back in Johto so it won't brother me if they broke up and have a new (Better) team to take there place.
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    “League Unleashed!” Review Thread

    It was good episode but i never did like the Johto starters tbh. The Johto pokemon i liked was heracross.
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    “An Old Family Blend!” Review Thread

    That video Phone sound got on my nerves a lil bit. A good episode but not great even for us older fans.
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    Why I No Longer Play the Games

    Cool Story Bro.
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    How Lucky Were You At Catching Legendaries...?

    I am rather lucky against Legendaries since i throw like 10-15 utrla balls.
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    Preordering the Japan games

    Yes, you can play it but not with the DSI.
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    "Pocket Monsters Best Wishes" - coming this fall!

    Re: "Pocket Monsters Best Wish" - coming this fall! What if they are trolling us and Brock meets up with Ash in the second episode....
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    E3 conference reveals wealth of information: 3DS, Ranger 3 revealed

    I am surprised nobody tried to kidnap the model with the 3DS.
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    4th Gen Trainer's Travelog

    Re: Trainer's Travelog Just been focusing on training my Bagon that knows Dragondance and Hydro Pump before i face more kanto gym leaders.
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    HeartGold/SoulSilver Kanto and Pokedex Guide

    I will buy one but 20 dollars isn't worth buying one but i will wait a week or two since they will know it down to 15 or 10 dollars.
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    What's your favourite pokemon that follows you?

    Primape, my protecter.
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    HGSS Help Thread (aka Simple Questions/Simple Answers)

    I just got power herb on Route 34, will it work on Focus punch or only on the moves that were listed on Pedia section?
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    HGSS Help Thread (aka Simple Questions/Simple Answers)

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    HGSS Help Thread (aka Simple Questions/Simple Answers)

    I hope this is the right place to ask this but here it goes, i was looking at Pedia staryu page and it said staryu will be a equipped with a waterstone is that true?
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    Do you miss Ash and Misty's arguments?

    Nope, it was a big waste of time.
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    Do you ride your bike anymore in HG/SS?

    Nope, i use the running shoes more.
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    Pokéwalker Discussion Thread

    Nobody at my school wears one or even know what HG/SS is. ;(
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    What has annoyed you the most since HG/SS?

    They should have at least added the ability to buy coins instead of playing the VF game.
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    So do you think making Piplup into a second mascot was a good idea?

    Piplup was annoying tbh, i hope the Gen V starter won't be shoved down our throat like piplup was.