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  1. White Yoshi

    LF: Porygon-Z (no HA) and Porygon2 (any)

    I want to try these 2 Pokemon out as they look fun to use and I've never raised one before.
  2. White Yoshi

    Can't seem to upload images.

    I tried to upload some images but there seems to be an error. First tried to get them from my USB but that failed then I transferred them to my Computer but I still couldn't transfer them. Am I doing something wrong, my images a currently, jpg. Thanks if answered.
  3. White Yoshi

    GEN VI: Soul Dew

    I know this is a lot to ask since this is an event exclusive item this generation but I really want it for my Shiny Latios.
  4. White Yoshi

    GEN VI: Shiny Latias

    I'm starting a collection of the Eon duo but with 4, with 2 of them being shiny. I got myself a Shiny Latios and Normal Latios but I still need a Shiny Latias.
  5. White Yoshi

    GEN VI: Hustle Nidoran (male) and Hustle Nidoran (female)

    The Nidoran lines are one of my favourite Pokemon and I saw their Hidden Ability and fought it was really cool. Sadly, I don't seem to be able to get these Pokemon :(.
  6. White Yoshi

    RMT: Triple Battle.

    I am not one to get into competitive battling. Tried it but went away from it. Wasn't much fun and got a bit annoying at times but Triple Battles are a bit different. They allow more strategic options so not much of the same strategy and Pokemon is used allowing for a much more entertain...
  7. White Yoshi

    Pokemon X and Y Contest Battles

    I had this idea for us to have contest battles. This goes similar to Battle Arena from R/S/E. Requirements: 3/5 People (2/4 battlers and 1 unbiased judge). Sometimes a battler can be a judge too. Rules: 1 Pokemon only (2 in Double/Multi and 3 in Triple) If you're Pokemon is knockedout...
  8. White Yoshi

    Gran Turismo 6

    Does anyone here play GT6? If so, how are you in the game. I'm participating in a league and tuning and training my Audi R8 LMS ultra (very terrible car to drive in the game). I'm also driving some GT500 vehicles.
  9. White Yoshi

    Create Your Own Pokemon Type...

    What type would you make? What advantages and weaknesses would it have and what Pokemon and/or moves would be retcon to your type? Mine would be: Vampire OffenseDefense Fairy, Dark2xGrass, Poison Steel, Grass, Vampire1/2xDragon, Fairy, Vampire None0xDark Pokemon retconned to Vampire Zubat -...
  10. White Yoshi

    GEN VI: Houndoomite?

    Is anyone willing to give me Houndoomite? I would be thankful.
  11. White Yoshi

    GEN VI: Aggronite?

    Aggron has been one of my favourite Gen III Pokemon. When I saw its mega evolution, I was really happy but sad when I saw you can only find it in Y. I was wandering if anyone could give me Aggronite and I would hand over Mewtwo with Mewtwonite X (I rarely use Mewtwo) or anything, really...
  12. White Yoshi


    Hello, I'm new to Bulbagarden :). I've been a fan since Gen 1 (Infact Pokemon Blue was the second game I ever played). I'm more of a casual Pokemon player, so I don't have much strategies but I do enjoy some fun battles :thumbup:. Can't wait to start my new life in Bulbagardens :lick: