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  1. SaffronGamer

    The Upgraded Tournament-round three

    Its time for a basic Gen V OU PO tournament Pokemon Online(if you both have wifi teams or shoddy teams, then go for it) single elimination 16-32 entrees Prizes: rules: no uber pkmn no swiftswin drizzle combo no sharing your opponant's team with others no unreleased DW pkmn and unreleased...
  2. SaffronGamer

    Bring Back The Teams Section In The Tournaments Tab

    Basic Idea http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/competitions.php?do=teams This should be brought back to the forums. If this can be properly managed, it would have much potential to increase the size of our battling community People battling as a group would not only increase a the size of the...
  3. SaffronGamer

    Contest: Jigglypuff vs. Snubbull vs. Torchic vs. Piplup vs. Oshawott

    vs.vs.vs.vs. whos your favorite? Why are these certain pkmn being compared? personally, i always thought snubbull was cute.
  4. SaffronGamer

    i have some animations that i made- please critique

    Ive made some GIFs using paint and a GIF maker and i want some comments/tips on them. btw: i got all of my sprites from: http://www.spriters-resource.com/ Kingdra whirlpool: i feel pretty proud of this one, because it my avatar ^_^ Egg hatch: I made this one for my friend janovy...
  5. SaffronGamer

    Contest: Escavalier vs. Scizor

    vs. BST: Escavalier:70/135/105/60/105/20=495 Scizor:70/130/100/55/80/65=500 what do you guys think? the new bug/steel vs. the old one? will the new era take over? or will the past stay in charge? cast your votes and disscussion
  6. SaffronGamer

    Contest: Feraligatr vs. Gyarados

    or which do u prefer? i prefer feraligatr they basically can do the same thing as the other set up dragon dance and sweep with waterfall feraligatr:UU gyrados:OU better move set:your descision cooler looking?:opinionated typing?:depends on whether no the oppent carries electric...
  7. SaffronGamer

    Should there be alternate forms of transportation?

    doe any one think that there should be a new way of getting around rather than on foot/bike? maybe riding pokemon actually seeing the pokemon when ur in the water flying through the air like surfing cars(gtting to drive the car) boats(getting to drive the boat) motorcyles scootors any ideas?
  8. SaffronGamer

    what episode was the funniest?

    what was your episode that made you laugh the most? mine was: "Meteoric Rise to Excellence!" (i think this episode was just ment for comic relief!)
  9. SaffronGamer


    H-hot S-skitty O-on W-wailord A-action :crush:
  10. SaffronGamer

    i dont understand

    how do u get onto pokemon ultra RPG? i just cant find any instuctions.:sweat:
  11. SaffronGamer

    so does anyone here leik mudkipz?

    i no i do and hes the best starter in the game :bounce: