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    Twitterdex and other Twitter RP

    http://www.twitterdex.net/Main_Page Recently, I've been pulled into Twitter Pokemon RP, namely Twitterdex. I'm new to it, of course, and have been looking for others who are more experienced in that type of roleplay. I'll probably reveal my account later, and if anyone here is a participant...
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    Today, the tragedy occurred. Team Rocket has taken over the internet. But fear not! Yes, those of other teams, whether you be Galactic or a dirty Aqua, we must band together to fight a common evil; one older, stronger, larger, and more influential. Alone, we stand no chance. Together...
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    Your Opinion on HG/SS English Names?

    The English Character Names We know the names, now, what do you think of them? Personally, I liked the Japanese better; especially with the Rocket Executives. Lyra is a beautiful name, but Ethan is a bit bland. Also, Magnus is a pretty cool name. Your takes?
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    If GF does make a Remake of R/S, how would you want the show to go?

    It's looking ahead, I know, but I want to hear people's opinions on it. They can whip up a new plot with Johto, since they didn't pulverize TR yet, but TA/M are dead, pretty much, the plot fails.
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    The TR Issue

    Here's a question that always bothered me. What is up with Giovanni's name? People often say it's his first name, however, others claim that it's his last. The Japanese name, Sakaki,is a common surname, pointing to that being his last name, and the first name unknown. However, in the English...
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    Ranger: Shadows Of Almia Shippings

    I've been playing this game for a while now, and I'm curious as to what people ship! I'm probably going to get killed for saying this, but my SOA OTP is actually KincaidXIsaac, though I don't know the shipping name. *waits to get shot down by flamers*
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    Why yes, I do like Hardenshipping.

    Despite the fact that I call it OppositesAttract. The name makes more sense for those two than it does for Buck and Marley. So, anyway, looking for other fans. It's a rather rare ship, you know.