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    Quick Reply / VM problem

    I expanded the box in which you type Quick Replies and now it won't revert back to the original size! It only gets larger from there. Is there any way to get it to shrink to normal? Whenever I type up VMs, the box is the size that I changed it to, and it doesn't shrink.
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    Pokémon Universe: Hoenn

    Lush trees whistling in the wind, chimes hanging on doorsteps serenade the townsfolk with beautiful melodies of later summer's breeze. The small town, however, was now filled with people, for the S.S. Gulf had just docked itself on the small pier, allowing for people and Pokémon alike to enter...
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    Pokémon Universe: Hoenn (Signups Closed)

    The Pokémon Universe is full of mysteries. Pokémon capable of many unique qualities inhabit the entire universe. In the Pokémon World, Pokémon and people live together in harmony. Side by side, they coexist. Some people, however, choose to use Pokémon for selfish reasons. Using Pokémon as tools...
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    Skin Problems.

    I have been using the Beast of the Sea skin lately and suddenly, people's profiles have been set to be using Bulba's Spring and I do not know how I can change it so that everything is using Beast of the Sea. Can anybody help me with this skin problem?
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    Kingdom Hearts: The Story in Between (Buzz and Lyato)

    Five years after the adventures of Terra, Aqua, and Ventus... ============================ Kori woke up in the morning and put on his blue and silver-designed shorts and shirt to match. He walked out of the room, ready for a new day of sun and fun in the glorious world of Radiant Garden...
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    PSP Memory

    Do you need to get a Memory Stick in order to save a PSP game?
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    I was wondering, who is responsible for the making of all of the Smilies, because I believe they deserve some credit.
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    IRC Chat

    What exactly is IRC Chat??
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    Pokémon Universe: Johto

    Pokémon Universe: Johto Brad woke up in bed, turning to his clock to see that it was merely 9 in the morning. He yawned and sat up, putting on his day clothes and grabbing his bags. The boat still had a long while till reaching Johto but he wanted to meet his girlfriend Luna who was staying...
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    I'm not new

    I just thought I'd say hi!
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    iTunes Help

    My iTunes won't acknowledge the fact that my iPod is plugged in. When I connect it to the computer, the iPod says that it is Connected but the computer does not allow me to sync or even have a list of devices with my iPod as one of them. How can I fix this??
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    Pokémon Universe: Johto (Sign Ups Closed)

    The Pokemon Universe is full of mysteries. Pokemon of with many unique qualities inhabit the entire universe. In the Pokemon World, Pokemon and people live together in harmony. Side by side, they coexist. Some people, however, choose to use Pokemon for selfish reasons. Using Pokemon as tools or...
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    Internet Explorer Problem

    I was having this problem earlier. Archaic showed me the steps to fix it for Mozilla Firefox but I still don't know how I can fix it on Internet Explorer.
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    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I went to the article Blue (game) and I think I might have gotten a virus that only allows my computer to visit bulbagarden.net and no other websites.
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    PS3 HD Help

    We just got a new Plasma Screen TV so I thought I'd try out my Playstation to see how it would look. Well, I plug it in and everything is fine until I begin to play Final Fantasy XIII which is in wide screen. Now why would a game play in wide screen on an HD tv? It only happens with this game.
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    Banned Avatars

    Is there a difference between when a person is banned and you can still see there avatar and when a person is banned and you can no longer see there avatar?
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    Never-Ending Wizarding Battle

    This is a thread where you post spells from Harry Potter and have a battle with the other people that post and it never ends! List of Harry Potter Spells That's for those who want to look up a spell to use. I'll start, then. Confringo!
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    Threaded Mode and Hybrid Mode

    Are Threaded Mode and Hybrid Mode not available for usage anymore?
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    Are there any rules regarding usernames?

    I don't believe I've ever seen any rules that apply to usernames. Are there any?
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    The Two Above Shipping Game

    (Not to be confused with the BMGf Shipping Game) This game is simple. Just create a shipping based on everything you know on the two people above you. Example: Ryuutakeshi X SaturnYoshi = ModShipping It's that simple as long as the shipping is between the two people that posted...