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    PWT/Battle Subway Trio

    Single battle, some tweaks would be nice. Hydreigon @ Life Orb Rash 252SpA/252Spe/4Atk ~Draco Meteor ~Fire Blast ~Earth Power ~Superpower Starmie @ Expert Belt Timid 252SpA/252Spe/4HP ~Hydro Pump ~T-Bolt ~Ice Beam ~Psychic Terrakion @ Choice Band Jolly ~Sacred...
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    Returning Veteran(?)

    I joined BMGF waaaaay back in 2010! I took a prolonged hiatus as I grew away from Pokémon... But I couldn't ever stay way forever! I'm back, hoping to meet friends old and new and make myself part of the community again!
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    WANTED: Trio of UT battlers!

    Specific to a team I'm in the process of building, I need 3 specific Poké's to bolster the squad! If you can supply me with any of the three, post away! But decent enough IV's are a must, if I wanted regular Mon's I'd breed them myself :L RNG's are completely acceptable, if that's the...
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    Catching Pokemon the good 'ole fashioned way

    An idea for a fic here, in dire need of attention and responses from other writers. Most of us avid Pokefans have caught many a monster on our games, as was the intial purpose of the games, to catch them all. Yet, as I whittle away yet more game time trying to complete the National Dex this...
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    How do I change the name of my thread?

    Yeah... How is this done?
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    TEEN: Broken and Burning [Chapter Two Added]

    A beginning to a hopefully successful fanfic. Rated teen, as written by a teen. I believe that nothing too offensive is included Feedback is well appreciated. Enjoy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Broken and Burning: Prologue A high midday sun...
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    COMPLETE: A Battle Of Generations

    The dust cleared. The once regal beast now laid on the floor of the arena, unmoving. The crowd screamed in undoubted appreciation of the most ingenious attack that had been commanded by the unknown Unovian prodigy. "And with that Arcanine is down! A magnificent Muddy Water attack from our...
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    Son of Steel : Hard as a Rock

    This is my first writing of any kind. I just came up with the idea in the shower, funny how that happens isn't it? But anyway. If I get enough feedback I might continue on with this. Develop into a story of sorts. Thanks in advance. "This can't be it... I... I can't die now..." The boy was...
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    My First Splice

    I've never tried it before, but I'm willing to give anything a go! Please give honest opinions, I must improve!
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    What is PE2K?

    I've heard other members mention it but, I don't actually know what it means or is. Please help!