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    MATURE: The Story of Fritz Westmyn: The Turning World

    Welcome to a fanfic that has been in the planning phases since late 2009 or so. And there was a lot of planning, let me tell you. Only recently have I decided to get off my ass and try to get it started. Three months later (about half of which was actually spent writing), I have enough written...
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    All right, looks like we got a pretty big compatibility problem with albums.

    Certain pictures in albums that were posted no longer show up. The pictures are still there, but for some reason that I can only believe to be caused by massive amounts of brain damage, the board doesn't consider the old links valid. What seems to have happened was the URL linking system...
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    In this topic, I will draw *every GenerationV Pokemon in MS-Paint on their name alone

    Same "rules" as my from memory topic. Or in other words, MS-Paint only, default colors only. I actually avoided looking at the Gen V stuff pre-release for two reasons. One, to get more surprises when I play for the first time. And two, to present to you, the people of Bulbagarden, this topic...
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    You have 96 hours to take over the world with Pokemon.

    The real world has a new threat to it - YOU. Your objective is simple: take over the world within 96 hours (or four days) by any means necessary. You will receive up to six non-legendary Pokemon to accomplish this task. For every slot you forgo, you will gain an additional 18 hours of time. You...
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    In honor of American Thanksgiving, everyone open up MS Paint

    Trace your hand as best you can (or not). Then, TURKEY!!!! Show off your conceptions (or abominations) here, even if you're like me and are not actually American!
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    Bizarre glitch/bug/quirk/another reason to hate vBulletin with the blogs

    According to my blog count (on the calendar on the left side, labeled "Archives") for Wednesday, I've made 4 blogs. However, there are really five. And today, I've made two blogs, but it's saying I've made only one (probably will be upped by the time you read this). First off, let's talk...
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    In this topic, I will draw every single Pokemon in MS-Paint

    ...FROM MEMORY!!!!!!! My father is an artist. However, my skills with art have never been quite up to par...to say the least. I'm just a heavy-handed individual, I guess. Partially for that reason, but mostly because I have nothing better to do, I have decided to shoot for the lowest point that...
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    Hijacked plane in Mexico? It's more likely than you think.

    Happening right now as I post this topic! Turn on CNN! Or check out its website! The news is so early that it has no articles for it yet that I'm aware of! I heard that apparently, if they don't get to speak to the president (of Mexico), they'll blow the plane up! The hijacker or hijackers seem...
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    Apple tries to silence owner of exploding iPod

    So apparantly, a guy's son's iPod overheated, and so he threw it away. It exploded shortly impact and flew around ten feet into the air. They wanted a refund and Apple agreed...but only if they never said anything about it ever again. Sounds like something more befitting the mafia than a...
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    Damn it, now Walter Cronkite is dead.

    The most trusted man in America is now the most recently deceased celebrity in America. Just heard about this on the news, but it hasn't been posted on CNN or MSNBC yet (actually, CNN just posted their headline, but not the article). CBS is doing a retrospective right now. I'll put a news...
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    Steve ''Air'' McNair shot dead.

    http://www.newschannel5.com/Global/story.asp?S=10643962 Man, the world is fucked the hell up right now. Even more fucked the hell up is how he was shot in a city he led to a Super Bowl. He was 36 at the time, so this is another surprise death. Yeah, there've been a lot of these lately...
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    Everything Else E3 - PS3 motion sensing, PSP-4000, new MGSs, FFXIV, Halo, etc.

    For all specific discussion of everything not Nintendo. Because it deserves its own topic. Even if only 4 or 5 people on this board care about anything not Nintendo! Some of the stuff that's been announced so far... Sony - PSP-4000, aka PSP Go. It won't have any UMDs, and its memory sticks...
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    The 'what did you give for Christmas' thread

    Yeah, who cares what you got or about your bragging about how spoiled you are? This is the season of giving! And...by proxy getting too...but it's technically the season of giving...among other things...well shut up! >_> My point is part of Christmas is that it is the season of giving, so...
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    In this topic, we watch Bush dodge shoes.

    If you haven't heard yet, there was an assassination attempt made on President Bush while he was having a press conference in Iraq. The deadly weapon used in the attack...was a shoe. Two shoes, size 10, to be exact. Well, okay. It's not so much an assassination attempt as it was an insult in...
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    What the HECK? (''Sexual rebellion'' in Chile, so-called ''Pokemones'')

    Source: http://www.newsweek.com/id/124098 Let me reiterate: What the FUCK? Now I'm a desensitized, demoralized person, but that still find that completely fucked up. No, really. Who in their right mind has public orgies while dressed like a Pokemon character? And they claim to be rebelling...
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    I swear, this game is screwing with me...(lottery)

    In the past ten or so days on the lottery in Jubilife, I have gotten the following... - 2 Max Revives - 4 some-odd EXP Shares - 3 PP Ups Now, it's understandable for me to win so often, seeing as how I have a lot of IDs built up (yay for Feebas/female Combees on the GTS), but it's my...
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    It's disturbing how well the boxes worked out.

    In the game, PC boxes are 6x5, and therefore can hold 30 Pokémon each. Since there are 18 of them, you are able to hold a total of 540 Pokémon in your boxes. It was around the time Gold and Silver were out that I started having thoughts about having a copy of every Pokémon in the PC. Of...