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    NEWS: New Pokemon Anime Announcement!

    What, the announcement tweet? It doesn't say anything other than what English sites like Serebii have already reported. The video: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT This story will take you to all Pokemon worlds! 9/29 - Announcement of details" The tweet: ""This story will take you to all Pokemon...

    NEWS: New Pokemon Anime Announcement!

    He means it in the context of "I'm going to try and do an even better job with my work compared to before" as opposed to talking about the series literally. It's not something to look that deep into, there's no hidden message to look for. Which is why the Twitter replies that are actually in the...

    NEWS: New Pokemon Anime Announcement!

    This is what Mima-san's tweet translates to. "Seems like it got announced, didn't it? I'm thankful that I've been put in charge of the new series as well. I intend to challenge this with the feeling of being in charge of a new series rather than an extension. Please look forward to the new...

    Unpopular opinion: TPCI's dub has the exact same quality as 4Kids' dub

    Okay, anyone's free to enjoy the English dubs if they want, but let's not lie to yourselves here. Faithfulness is not subject to opinion, it is an objective characteristic. They are not faithful, so do not pretend they are faithful. There hasn't been a fansubbing group with enough free time or...

    NEWS: Pokemon Uncut Dub Petition

    A (badly) subtitled version of the Japanese version of Digimon Adventure was available on Netflix for some time. Seems their contract has expired though. They did.

    NEWS: Pokemon Uncut Dub Petition

    4Kids was run by an animal, its name was Al Kahn. Sorry, not sorry for that joke. Plus, humans are animals, so I ain't wrong... I guess if a hypothetical redub of just the Kantou episodes were aimed at super fans that obviously wouldn't mind if there's potentially controversial content, they'd...

    NEWS: Pokemon Uncut Dub Petition

    Females and actual male children usually voice male child characters because an adult male's voice chords are usually too far-developed to sound convincing in a child role (there are of course exceptions that I've heard on the Japanese side of things where men can even voice women characters...

    NEWS: Pokemon Uncut Dub Petition

    "Normal" is rather relative when you're dealing with different countries and cultures. :P

    NEWS: Pokemon Uncut Dub Petition

    It probably isn't fixed in dubs. Teenage girls have a high probability of sounding annoying to certain adults in every country, it's just more tolerable in tongues they can understand or if they make them sound too old, which is probably a miscasting situation to begin with.
  10. FANG-TAN

    NEWS: Pokemon Uncut Dub Petition

    No offense to the cast at DuArt because I'm sure they are friendly and likable people, but a lot of their voice offerings are literally who's. I can totally see why the OP would find FUNimation to have a more attractive and diverse voice pool, many of the voice actors and actresses that often...
  11. FANG-TAN

    NEWS: Pokemon Uncut Dub Petition

    Character alteration in general is pretty bad no matter how you slice it - claiming that Takeshi's mom died was just as bad to me. For a while there were fans that liked to think Kasumi's sisters were abusive towards her simply because of those alterations, even though Sakura comes off as the...
  12. FANG-TAN

    NEWS: Pokemon Uncut Dub Petition

    The early episodes were quite unrestrained - they changed quite a lot more than that, actually. For instance, Kasumi's sisters are barely even the same characters in the dub. But that's beside the point. People want to watch something the way it was originally intended and that's quite alright...
  13. FANG-TAN

    NEWS: Pokemon Uncut Dub Petition

    I'm all for supporting accurate localizations for imported Japanese media, but I feel there are a few things I need to clarify here: 4Kids Entertainment hasn't dubbed the Pokemon anime in a long, long time. The Pokemon Company International, which owns all Pokemon-related properties outside of...
  14. FANG-TAN

    What do you think of Thunderbolt?

    Thunder is more inaccurate, and probably a bad choice for him in the long run. A Special Attack Pikachu with a Light Ball is probably better off with Thunder because the power makes up for the miss ratio, but that's the games where you can afford to take a chance and restart the game if you...
  15. FANG-TAN

    Pool - Will you buy any version of Sword and Shield?

    I'm going to have to buy both versions when they come out, simply because my little sister wants to play, too.... oh wait, then again, the Switch has profile switching, so who knows? The version differences are always minimal at best, so maybe I'll just get Sword for dem Saitou feet. I mean...
  16. FANG-TAN

    Player Character dialogue?

    They should do it like Growlanser III or any other JRPG that allows you to literally customize your character's personality with dialogue choices, such as blocking off choices if they're too far off from your character's built personality traits. I think I suggested this along with return to...
  17. FANG-TAN

    How excited are you for Pokemon Masters?

    I'm honestly more excited for it than I am Pocket Monsters Sword and Shield, if only for the characterinteraction fanservice, although I'm decently looking forward to those too (I'm just looking a lot more forward to other games that take my priority in excitement like Shenmue III, Atelier Ryza...
  18. FANG-TAN

    What are your thoughts on Gacha games?

    I have a love-hate relationship with them. The hate part of the relationship comes from the get rates and being nudged to do micro-transactions to get what I want. Luckily, I have enough self-control not to spend money on mobages, so I never, ever whale. As a Type-Moon fan, Fate/Grand Order...
  19. FANG-TAN

    Interesting Japanese Pokémon Move/Ability Names

    Recover is じこさいせい 【自己再生】in Japanese. Literally means "self-regeneration" in English. Which isn't just healing, but also includes actions such as regrowing limbs. Think Namekians and Majin Boo from Dragon Ball. This is actually shown in some official Pocket Monsters material, such as the Birth...
  20. FANG-TAN

    PREVIEW: M21: Everyone's Story

    Satoshi's new design looks like he has the potential to channel some mad spiral energy.