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    Pokémon you didn't expect to like

    Hi, I'm going to do at least one last round of Gen 5 before the arrival of Gen 6. But I want to do it differently this time. I always seem to go through the games with the same sorts of Pokémon because I don't want to waste my time training ones I may end up liking only to find that actually...
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    How to post sprites

    Hi, I have a potentially simple question - I've been reading the diary thread in the section on Black and White and noticed that people are able to post the sprites of their pokémon when they list their team - how is that done? Cheers, LanguageSponge
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    Pokémon in Japanese

    Hi everyone, I'm not sure whether this is the right place to post this or whether it's appropriate to post this anywhere, but I have been wondering recently about users who play the game in Japanese, particularly if they are not natives of the language. Moderators, if this thread is in the...
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    LanguageSponge says hello

    Hi there, Well, what to say? I started playing pokémon back when Red and Blue were released, and played those a lot until Gold and Silver came out - until my Silver version got nicked and that discouraged me and I stopped playing. I picked pokémon up again when Diamond and Pearl were...