• Snowy sets out into the Wild Area and encounters a giant Pokemon lurking in a den. Watch here as Snowy goes head to head with the massive Pokemon.
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    Hmm lol Do you still have your PokeWalker???I't seems like lots of People break them or lose them!0_0 Well I still have my PokeWalker but my dog bitt it so it kinda does not work...T__T My cousin he Forgot and Washed it!!!0_0 XD Well the question is do you still have it or no???Or is it broken...
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    Saddest Anime/Manga You Watched/Read...:'(

    (I am going to make it Anime and Mangas now since some mangas don't become animes....) What was the saddest Anime(s)/Manga(s) You watched,or read???Does not have to be the whole Anime or Manga could be a part,page,episode,chapter.:( For me it is: Full Moon Wo Sagashite Puella Magi Madoka...
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    A Question.....

    What does it mean to subscribe to a thread??Please help,and thanks!:)