• Snowy sets out into the Wild Area and encounters a giant Pokemon lurking in a den. Watch here as Snowy goes head to head with the massive Pokemon.
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    Anyone play League of Legends?

    What lvl or rank are you? What position and Champion do you main? Feel free to share your summoner name if you'd like :P I'm Lvl 30 Unranked. I mostly ADC, and I main Miss fortune and Jinx. :) I also support as Karma, Leona, and Lux :D Bot lane is where its at but I have gone Top was Fiora. I...
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    Morphs (App)

    http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/morphs/id472616338?mt=8 Does anyone play Morphs? Its one of the top rated apps in the Apple Store right now. :D I can't stop playing it. I have a lvl.7 Puffy and a lvl. 6 Ness.
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    Multi-Quote button

    It would be really handy it there was a little check box next to every post that would allow us to individually select various posts to quote. Not sure if this idea has been brought up yet.
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    Solstice's sprite shop! :D (noob)

    School’s almost over….and I have a lot of free time…so… Welcome to my sprite shop! :D I make splices, recolors, and revamps. (Sorry, haven’t tried much.) -If you want a splice, name the names of any pokemon and I’ll try my best to splice them. -If you want a recolor, just give me the...