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    Non-Anime Japanese TV Shows

    I like anime as much as the next guy, but does anyone know any good non-anime shows from Japan that I should watch? I've got my few shows that I watch every week, and I'd like to add some from Japan too. But series that are already completed are all right too. Share some good websites for...
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    Event Articles

    Does anyone else think that the articles for lists of event Pokemon are sort of sub-par? They don't really show much information about the event, how the Pokemon could/can be downloaded, etc. Hell, even some images of promotional signage/commercials would be a nice touch. Some do not even...
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    Our References

    I think that we should make our {{reflist}} to be like Wikipedia's. On Wikipedia, using the same link as a reference two or more times in the same article makes just one link in the {{reflist}}. However, on Bulbapedia, each time the same reference link is used, the number of links to it in...
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    The New Generation V Pokemon

    Here's the silhouette. Take it into whatever program you want, an colour it in. Show us what you think it could look like! If you get really close to what it really is, that's pretty awesome.
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    Can All Pokemon See Colours?

    I was just watching EP042, and Ash's Pokedex says the following: "Scyther and Electabuzz are both rare Pokemon. They are able to distinguish colours, and become enraged by the colour red." This was the dub. I wonder what it says in the original? It makes it seems that BECAUSE they are rare...
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    Colour Of The Japanese Gold Cartridge?

    Does anyone know what the cartridge colour of a Japanese copy of Pokemon Gold should be? The one I see most often is actually BLUE, which I find very odd. Especially considering that I haven't seen a red Silver cartridge. I've had some people tell me that the cartridges are supposed to be...
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    Recommend Me A DS Game

    I need a new game to play in school. The terms are: >Touch-screen is preferably not mandatory >No Nintendo originals (Mario, Zelda, etc.) >Preferably came out in 2009
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    List of Chinese Pokémon names

    All of the divisions of Chinese seem really messed up here. I don't speak fluent Chinese, but I know quite a bit about the regionality of it all. So there are three columns which have Chinese characters in them. Chinese (Simplified, CN), Chinese (Traditonal, TW/CN), and Chinese (HK). To...
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    Huge Pokemon Theory

    A guy posted this on another site I go on (non-Pokemon, though). He says it's written by a pscychology major in college, but me nor him have a source for that. I haven't even read it all. It's so long, so this guy is definitely possessed or something. __________________________________...
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    Haruhi AMVs

    I'm wondering if anyone can point out some good Haruhi AMVs to me, because most of the ones I find on YouTube have horrible songs or editing. Here are 4 that I love so maybe you can get an impression of what I like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cE13yvrTfjA (too bad the one uploaded is bad...
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    Bulbapedia Makes My Browser Run Slow And Crash

    I just thought I'd bring this up. If I open 20 tabs of any other website with my Firefox, there are no problems. But if I open even two tabs of Bulbapedia, Firefox will lag like hell and usually eventually freezes and crashes. Is this a known problem/does anyone else have it?
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    Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone

    I'm wondering if anyone can tell me a bit about this movie and if they liked it or not. It's gonna play twice in a theatre here in the fall, and it's not very often that anime gets on the big screen here so I'd like to go see it if it's any good.
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    My Mom Keeps Disabling My Internet--HELP!

    For a few months, when my laptop has not been taken away, my mom keeps disabling the internet's connection on my computer only. I would really like some advice on how to stop her from being able to do so. I don't know how she's doing it, but what I do know is: >She controls it through her...
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    IPGL Merging With BMGF

    I'm pleased to announce that the International Pokémon Gym League is merging with Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden Forum! We will be opening up a forum on BMGf within the next couple of days. The IPGL is a league consisting of 8 gyms which you can challenge via the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection...
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    Cosplay Thread

    So, does anyone here like cosplay? Do YOU cosplay? Does someone cosplay for you? Do you wish for one of the above to happen sometime? Do you Google pictures of people cosplaying?
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    Wi-Fi Connecting Problem

    Lately, I'm having alot of trouble connecting to WI-Fi on my DS, and I'm not sure why. It does connect sometimes. So, it's not because I have the internet code in wrong or something. If I go to an area in my house where it worked earlier (as I'm doing right now) and try to connect, it...
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    Well it looks like everything Bulbagarden is back. Apparently the server went over the limit, meaning that it was shut down until the next month. Luckily it got overflowed at the end of the month, not weeks before. Any comments?
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    Pokemon Previews...Do You Have An "Anime Voice"?

    Hey everyone. Me and TTEchidna have been talking, and we would like to start doing previews for the next weeks episode of Battle Dimension, using the Japanese preview clips. They'd then get posted to YouTube, on a new account to be made at a later date. Rica Matsumoto's voice from the...
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    Pokemon.com Mailbag Address

    Could someone tell me it please? I can't just click "Email Us Here!", my e-mail is not like that...
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    Kindergartner Suspended...For Haircut

    Kindergartner Suspended For Mohawk Haircut Mother refuses to alter boy's spiked hair, will enroll him at another school. PARMA, Ohio - A kindergarten student with a freshly spiked Mohawk has been suspended from school. Michelle Barile, the mother of 6-year-old Bryan Ruda, said nothing in...