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  • NMLewis heads into the Petalburg Woods. Watch here and sing along as he hums his way through the Hoenn region.

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    GEN VI: Mewtwonite X

    I really would like a Mewtwonite X because I recently traded my Mewtwonite Y away, but I prefer X anyway. I have a Charizardite Y that I no longer have a use for if you're interested. I also have Tyrunt, all Kalos starters, all Kanto starters, and an Abra.
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    GEN VI: Charizardite X please

    I have Pokemon Y and Charizard, but I like Charizard's X mega evolution better. If you're willing, can you trade a Charizardite X to me? I'm willing to offer Tyrunt, anyone of the Kanto starters, any one of the Kalos starters, Gastly, or Abra. They're all freshly hatched. If you wish to do this...