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  • NMLewis heads into the Petalburg Woods. Watch here and sing along as he hums his way through the Hoenn region.

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  1. Maniacal Engineer

    POTW: Pokémon of the Week #3.#@&)9¿: MissingNo.

    In the World of Pokémon, there lives a vast number and variety of amazing creatures to befriend and collect. Every week, we we will be focusing on a single one of these Pokémon or evolutionary line and talking about what makes it ‍ special. This week's Pokémon of choice is a personal favorite of...
  2. Maniacal Engineer

    Mafia: Sockpuppet Mafia 2016 - Endgame (TOWN WIN) - 10/16/2016
    Threadmarks: Opening Post

    Greetings! I am the Count. They call ME me the Count because I like to count things. Every year, around this time, the moderators of the Fun & Games section create a Sockpuppet Party thread for users to masquerade as various characters, memes, or whatever they can think of. This year, the...