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  1. Alexey

    Autumn OU Tournament (Finals)

    The tournament has ended! Congratulations to the winner: -Glory Blaze-;! Group 1: Alexey; Apawn; DragonEspeon; Metabee; Autumn OU Group 1 - Challonge Group 2: TerraTF...
  2. Alexey

    Smogon bans and suspect tests discussion

    With all the recent things happening on Smogon with regard to bans, i.e. recent Aegislash ban to Ubers, ongoing Gengarite suspect test, potential Mawile suspect test etc. I have decided that we might as well have a dedicated thread for throwing crap at each other discussing recent bans and...
  3. Alexey

    GEN VI: Calm and Modest Dittos

    Hi all, I'm looking for Dittos with Modest and Calm natures. IVs, shininess, nickname, ability all don't matter as long as the Ditto is not hacked (RNGd/cloned is fine) and has the relevant nature. I have a lot of competitive Pokemon and breeding leftovers, and thus, if something can be bred in...
  4. Alexey

    GEN VI: LF: HA Drain Punch Cacnea, HA Stealth Rock Lileep [COMPLETE]

    UPD: No longer relevant. Hello everyone. What I LOOK FOR I am looking for a male HA Cacnea with Tutor Move Drain Punch. It is to be used in breeding, but I need a specific set, as I can't pass Drain Punch further onto other Cacnea in GenVI. Cacnea needs to be 31/31/31/x/31/31 w/ Adamant...
  5. Alexey

    Hey, I can do a team to RMT too!

    Some will be surprised by this, but this OU team is an actual OU team. Took me about an hour to hit 1400s on Showdown with this, so it fares pretty well, I believe. Banette @ Banettite Ability: Frisk EVs: 252 Atk / 72 Spd / 184 HP Adamant Nature - Sucker Punch - Will-O-Wisp - Gunk Shot -...
  6. Alexey

    GEN VI: Looking for HA Unova starters

    Greetings! Once again, Alexey is looking for specific HA Pokemon. This time, it's Unova starters (with Snivy being high priority, Oshawott being low priority). The only characteristics I care about are the presence of its HA and it not being hacked, whereas stats, nature, shininess, gender...
  7. Alexey

    GEN VI: Looking for HA Starly and Taillow

    Stats, natures, shininess and items are of zero relevance, I just need the abilities In exchange I offer Battle Maison items (except Ability Capsule) and 4-5iv pokemon. The full list is such: 1. Timid Eevee 2. Modest Litwick (some of them have 4 IVs marked as perfect, while in reality...
  8. Alexey

    GEN VI: Cottonee

    Looking for a Cottonee. Mine from W2 was, apparently, deleted in the process of figuring out how Poke Bank/Transporter works. I have no desire to reset my W2 for a Cottonee, but I do desire a Cottonee. Gender, stats, nickname, movepool are all irrelevant. COTTONEE IS BOSS NO MATTER WHAT ITS...
  9. Alexey

    Offering various 4-5iv stuff

    What I offer is a bunch of various bred pokemon (existing already as spitbacks or possible for me to quickly breed upon request), all of which have 4 - 5 perfect IVs, and some of which have egg moves. Will trade for other pokemon with good stats or RNGd 5gen pokemon with tutor moves (I would've...
  10. Alexey

    GEN VI: Looking for a Spiritomb and a Misdreavus

    The title says it all. Stats, moves, items and shininess are of no relevance. All that I require is that they are not hacked. Ready to send a number of 4-5 perfect IVs Slowpokes, Eevees, Rhyhorns, as well as various 4IV Snorlax (all of them originate in the English version, though). Whatever I...
  11. Alexey

    Hello everybody

    Hello everybody, a trainer from Russia here (which probably means I'm a kind of some real-life equivalent to shiny Pokemon :P). I have joined to... err... well, I have joined because I can, for no particluar reason whatsoever :D