• Snowy arrives in Motostoke and signs up to participate in the Gym Challenge. Watch here as Snowy encounters some rather noisy individuals in a hotel lobby.

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    EVERYONE: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon!: Exploit the Dream/Discover the Truth

    Mara woke up with a massive head ache and the feeling of being wet. All the a voice is crying out to her: "Please wake up. Wake up!" Her eyesight was blurry but, with a groan, mustered some energy to look around and saw an expansive lake around her. I am on an island. Mara concluded. she...
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    EVERYONE: Super Pikachu Bros! ~A Mario and Pokemon crossover~

    Prologue It was a windy night in the Shroomish Kingdom. So windy in fact, that all the leaves on the Sentrent Tree was blown off and scattered around the Kingdom. Little did anyone know, something terrible happened that night. Through the howling wind, you can barely hear evil laughter...
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    Pokepark 2: Wonders Beyond

    Pokemon.com has reveled that the sequel of Pokepark: Pikachu's Adventure is coming out February 27th, 2012! check here for more information: PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond | Video Games | Pokemon.com
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    Wishfulshipping Discussion Thread

    i my self is a wishfulshipper but want to know if there is any other wishfulshipper and what is there thoughts. here are subject that can by dicussed: have you found any other 'hints' not listed on bulbapedia? (short)summeries of wishfulshippy episodes sorry if there is a thread for this
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    Favorite dungeon in-game

    (sorry if this was made already) i personaly love almost all the dungeons in the main series (then again i have not played in the kanto region), but how bout you which dungeon do you do just fo the hell of it? me: pinwheel forest mount corenet twist mountain volkners gym...
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    An Evil Shadow or An Evil Twin?

    okay that was a gengar. and here is a much nicer clefarie: okay is it just me or do the look similer: :eek: whats you opion? evil shadow, evil twin, or nothiing at all.
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    do i uplode pictures on my posts?
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    Wishfulshipping Dicussion Thead

    For all the Wishfulshippers (IrisxCilan/Dent whichever you want to call him) out there, here you can dicuss the fake (so far ;D) romantic relation between Iris and Cilan/Dent. heres some topics you can dicuss: What ideas do you have for a shippy episode for Iris and Cilan/Dent? Other then...
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    Egg designs

    as pokemon fans we know that in game pokemon eggs are shown to be white with green spots but what if in future gen they acutly make a design on the eggs relating to the pokemon in it. what would be the design? Rules: must be revelant to the pokemon inside the egg. evolved pokemon allowed...
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    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Black and White ideas

    there is a buch of romurs going around that a BW version of PMD might come out. what do you want in the BW PMD and what are your ideas?
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    Does Iris have the potential for another series?

    Alot of people have been asking if Cilan lasts another series, but how bout Iris?
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    Who were you and who was your partner in the pokemon mystery dungeon's?

    like the title states, what pokemon were you and who was your partner in PMD? me: S= you P=partner RRT: S= mudkip P= cyndaquil EoT: S= cyndaquil P= chikorita EoD: S= pikachu P= chimchar EoS: S= eevee P= vulpix