• Magnificent Entertainer faces off against Fantina for his third Gym badge. Watch here as he makes way too many science fiction references.

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    Should there be a Pokemon Equivalent of the Mario Maker Series?

    Most likely known as "Pokémon Region Maker" The Region: The Obvious Must Haves: Starting Town Gym Towns/Cities At least 1 Forest -Maybe some alternates for forest dungeons (Wetlands and other types of Biomes) Legendary Dungeons Region League and Victory Road At least 1 Parent At least 1 Rival 8...
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    Hello, I am ... I've been a Pokemon Fan from the start of the American Dubbed Series, but stopped for about a year or two for some reason or another during High School (most likely reason is loosing my Pokemon Sapphire) but got back right in during the 11 season. I also have a Bulbapedia...