• Magnificent Entertainer faces off against Fantina for his third Gym badge. Watch here as he makes way too many science fiction references.

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    COMPLETE: Rival's Story

    Good chapter, I like the Bruno aspect a lot.
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    COMPLETE: Rival's Story

    Wow. I just read the entire story (up to where it is now) in 3 days time. I can say that this is unquestionably the best fanfic of any kind I've ever read. Keep it up!
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    4th Gen Trainer's Travelog

    Re: Trainer's Travelog I just beat Blackthorn Gym after much frustration.
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    Your First Level 100 Pokemon

    I had a lv. 100 Blaziken and Kyogre in my old Sapphire version. Needless to say, I was the coolest kid in school.
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    Wait, what? A new user?!

    Nice, I love Muse! Hysteria is my favorite song by them.
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    Wait, what? A new user?!

    Haha, it's the album cover to Porcupine Tree (my favorite band)'s masterpiece Fear of a Blank Planet. And yes, it is creepy :smokin:
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    Which kind of Pokémon do you prefer?

    Defense, man! Although fast, hard hitters are cool too. I really don't care too much about design; if a Pokemon is good, I'll probably use it regardless of looks.
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    Wait, what? A new user?!

    Hello all! My name is BubbleGums, and I just joined. I've used Bulbapedia forever, but never bothered to join the forums. Well, now I did. Anyway, here are some things about me: - I love Pokemon and have played it forever, although not much competitively. - I play guitar and bass and am...