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    GEN VI: Mighty Mewtwo,SRING2012 zekrom and reshiram Wanted

    Offering events. And shinies
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    GEN VI: Pokeball Vivillion

    Really want a pokebank vivillion and haven't found the coding for it in my game yet,would like one ASAP,can offer all pokemon(that are tradeable)and all traceable items
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    Shiny and berry giveaway!

    UPDATE-THERE ARE Three OF EACH SHINY NOW Rules: 1.One pokemon and berry PER PERSON these took forever to get! 2.THESE SHINIES MAY OR MAY NOT BE HACKED,THEY ARE KALOS NATIVE BUT NOT ALL ARE LEGIT 3.You may pick from any of the berries listed and any of the pokemon listed,once somebody...
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    A few kalos shinies (DO NOT CLOSE NOT SAME AS OTHER THREAD)

    Goodra female Bunnelby female(extremely hard to get from me) Binacle (jap) Scatterbug(self bred will not nickname) Flabebe red (EXTREMLY HARD TO GET) Shaunas froabble SHINY HONEDGE HONEDGE LOOKING FOR ------------------ All sorts of stuff just offer
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    SHINIFYING AND All pokemon all shinies (non locked) all items

    I'm offering all pokemon,all shiny pokemon,and all items,I'm looking for Iv bred pokemon especially nothing much more :/ so offer away
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    GEN VI: Iv (at least 5iv) bred Ha sandile male and female

    Hello,I'd like One male and one female 5iv ha bred sandiles,I can offer almost any shiny in my shiny shop for the both of them(in offering station)
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    One stop shiny shop

    Hello,I will be offering kalos native shinies and non kalos native shinies here,prices are 1:1 These pokemon are all cloned!!!!!!!!! I am in the est time zone and I'm usually free around 4-6 pm I'll have better hours in June Kalos native shinies ------------------------ Tyranitar Gulpin...
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    Not really new

    Hey some of you guys know me but some of you don't I'm that. Guy who has 40 zillion shinies for trade all the time,I usually hang out in the offering and wanted station and urpg section I've found a total of 249 myself but I can't list them all,my newest ones are below-> Sandile...
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    Giveaway shinies and more

    So I ended up getting a few unwanted shinies and a legendaries today,So first come first serve Rayqauza(Event shiny) Registeel(Korean ut) Dratini(French jhoto native) Riolu(Jhoto native) 1 per person first four people get them BTW Paleo; YOU MUST PICK UP WEATHER TRIO OR I WILL BE GIVING...
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    GEN VI: Shiny elemental monkeys

    Want all the shiny elemental monkeys either non evolved or evolved,I want AS MANY AS POSSIBLE so offer as ,any as you want,I have over 2 boxes of kalos native shinies and more non kalos native to trade for them,offer away
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    GEN VI: Friend safari shinies

    I can offer a bunch of shinies and events for them ^-^
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    18 Manaphy

    I have 18 manaphy for trade with a variety of natures,I'm looking for kalos native shinies,at this point manaphys for a kalos native shiny is like being free :-p So plz offer away :D
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    GEN VI: A personal ev trainer

    Ok,I want a personal (trustworthy) Ev trainer ASAP,I have a few iv'd shinies I want someone to ev train for me so I can use them competetivly,you may have a clone once you have fulfilled ether duties Ones that I want trained: Banette Golurk Two go goats Litleo(do not evolve unless your...
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    Dream world events ******************* Mamoswine Giratina Dialga Gen V event pokemon ********************* Genesect (shiny) Meloetta Victini Gen IV event pokemon ******************** Shaymin(shiny) Darkrai Manaphyx18 (Will trade for kalos native shinies only) Oblivia heatran Arceus Random...
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    Small giveaway

    Ok,so I have some old shinies that I know are cheated from when I used to cheat on pokemon I'm giving away,the catch is you have to GUESS one of the shinie to get one,if multiple people get the same one I make a poll,PLUS I am offering the shiny Legendary trio of sinnoh and hoenn,to get one of...
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    Cloning pokemon/items

    So I can clone for a clone of the pokemon/item Max ammount of cloning is three PER TRADE Soooooo,yeah,I don't bite,so offer up! :-p
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    Some shinies

    Ok,so I'm offering some shinies (gen6 caught) and some gen4/soulsilver caught shinies. I'm mostly looking for gen6 shinies but you can offer rare berries too. Cyndaquil(5iv)kalos Treeko(5iv)kalos Pansage(2iv) kalos Panpour(2iv) kalos Gothitelle kalos Mime jr kalos Gulpin kalos Roserade kalos...
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    Rate the user above you

    Seems simple,Here's the rules: 1:Do not fight over your fake iQ :P 2:Rate from 1-10 ONLY I'll go first,we'll I kinda can't So you rate me :)
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    Tons of xerneas,yvetal,and zygardes

    NOTE*All have 3iv,I will tell you the Ivs if you pm me for them,im to lazy to list them :P Xerneas __________ Quick balls-Careful,Timid Master balls-Careful,sassy,bashful Net balls-Serious Premier balls-Brave Ultra balls-Lax,Timid Great balls-Admant Yvetal ____________ Master...
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    GEN VI: Shiny legendaries

    I'm looking for the following: (all in shiny form) REGIROCK(top priority) REGISTEEL(another top priority) Virizion Terrakion Tornadus Latios Raikou. (Not an event one) Entei. (Not an event one) Suicune. (Not an event one) Cresselia Heatran Mew(any language but Japanese) Pm me and...