• Snowy faces off against Nessa. Watch here as he flounders around a bit against the Water type specialist.

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    GEN VI: THIS1 can close, caught it myself.

    THIS1 can close, caught it myself.
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    GEN VI: Flawless Ditto

    Really need a flawless ditto for breeding purpose!
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    GEN VI: Wanted: Garden Vivilion, flawless Ditto,

    looking for a garden Vivilion and flawless ditto
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    HA Gligar + Eevee + Froakie + Riolu + Nidoran + pokerus for trade

    got these for trade: Immunity Gligar Anticipation Eevee Protean Froakie Prankster Riolu Hustle Nidoran (both male or female) Pokerus looking for: IV ditto's ( atleast 3 31 IV) Drought (HA) Vulpix/Ninetails Weak armor (HA) Kabuto Sewaddle/Leavanny ponyta deal also comes with ditto safari :P
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    offering Ditto safari

    want other peoples safari :P
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    GEN VI: Wanted: Gligar with Hidden Ability + Eevee Hidden Ability

    Looking for a Gligar with hidden ability, also looking for Eevee with Hidden ability can offer Battle Mansion stuff, Hidden ability Froakie, X exclusives, other Hidden ability pokemon
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    GEN VI: Bold Synchronizer + others

    I'm looking for a Bold pokemon with the ability Synchronize. also looking for: Eelectric
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    Dream starter

    So, for 5 Generations and roughly 15 years of pokemon video games, we have always been stuck to choose between Grass, Fire or a Water starter. Wich pokemon would u like to start your journey with? Mine is obvious :P Elekid. still waiting for that day when I get a Elekid from the professor...
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    Searching: Jolly Skorupi / Timid Gastly

    Looking for 2 jolly skorupi, prever good Attack and speed IV's, but not neccesary. Also Looking for a Timid gastly with speed and special attack IV's Also Adamantite Muk - Got most starters - diamond exclusives - some legends like a bold uxie or Modest Heatran - Shiny Gastroda (east) -...
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    What pokemon would you choose....

    Annyone else sick of the starters always being Water/Grass/Fire type pokemon? wich pokemon would u love to be your first pokemon for adventure? Mine will be a Elekid. I just love Elekid and his evolves ^^