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    Hello everyone (again)

    Hey everyone, it's been forever since I last got on. It's good to this forum is still doing great! Some people here may remember me as Ken The Pen, or my current username. Anyways, glad to be back for a while! By the way, you'd probably see me in the media forums and outside the box the most.
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    Do you believe in ghosts?

    What are your thoughts on ghosts?
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    Acoustic or Electric?

    Which sounds better to you: an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar? Don't pick one because it's the easiest to learn, but because it sounds the best to you.
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    What's your favorite ability?

    There are many abilities, 164 to be exact, a pokemon can have, but which one is your favorite?
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    Subscription for Social Group Threads

    We can have subscriptions for regular threads, but as far as I know, we can't have one for a thread in a social group. Is it any way possible to add this option? I often forget about things happening in my social groups, and need a reminder every once and a while. It's a simple change, but...
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    Outcast's Sprite Shop That Needs A Better Name!

    I finally have a new shop! I offer... So... start requesting!
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    American Idol

    Hm. I'm surprised no one has made this yet. This is just for general talk about American Idol, whether you want to comment on someone's preformance, say something about the new judges, or anything else, it all goes here.
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    Scariest thing to ever happen to you?

    This is simple, just say the scariest thing that's ever happened to you. The scariest thing for me was when I was stuck in the middle of a lake in a boat when there was a thunderstorm. Luckily, there was a bridge we could go stay under and we had an anchor. It was still scary though, because...
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    Should cell-phones be allowed at school?

    Simple, title says it all. Should cell-phones be allowed at school?
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    Is there a limit to how many threads you can make in an hour?

    Just wondering, as long as they have a good reason, can you make as many threads as you want, or is there am hourly/daily limit?
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    Are you Kinesthetic, Auditory, or Visaul?

    Which one(s) are you? To figure out, you need to take tests online or something, as you may not be what you think you are. I am Kinesthetic.
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    Left Brain, Right Brain, or Both (golden)?

    Everyone is either right brained or left brained. Some people have what is known as both, or 'golden', which means your brain uses both sides almost equally . None of these is better than another, it just shows how your brain works. than You can get a quick answer by taking polls about it, or...
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    Long distance relationships - yes or no?

    So, do you think long distance relationships work? I am currently in one, so I say yes.
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    Torterra - Linked to the Zaratan?

    I think that Toterra is somehow linked to Zaratan. Zaratan is a mythical creature that is a very large turtle that has an island and whole ecosystem on it's back, and it appears just to be a landmass to anything passing, when it is in it's shell or partially under water. Picture...
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    Same abbreviation, new meaning

    Just think of a random abbreviation that almost everyone knows and come up with something else that it could mean. Example: Lol = lemon or lime
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    What book are you in the middle of right now?

    Well, there is one for music and TV shows, so I thought I would make one similar. Simple, just say the book you last read some of.
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    The arcade

    Sorry if this is in wrong section, I couldn't think of where else to put it. Does any else here ever play in the arcade? I do sometimes, trying to get the high score on curveball, I keep getting about 22,000, but I am getting closer.
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    Ken The Pen and Quilawesome's Sprite Shop!

    Hey! This is a sprite shop... err.... Well that was too obvious... What I offer. Umm... This thing that I made up... bassicly, there is a background and the pokemon's outlines. Just tell me what the background should look like. (it can be one I do not have below.) Splices...
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    What do you Sprite/draw/anything of the sort for?

    So, just a random question, what do you sprite, draw, ect. for? I sprite for fun I draw a little for fun and to get better.
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    K.T.P.'s 2nd sprite contest: The Sprite Styles!

    Okay, This contest, you can get points from 1 to 20 on how well done your sprite is. But, there is a twist! For every different style of sprite (splices, recolors, scratches, outlines, and many more!) you use with the one sprite, you get a bonus 5 points! So, just as an example, if you made a...