• Snowy faces off against Nessa. Watch here as he flounders around a bit against the Water type specialist.

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    Help needed for my 3:3 team for Singles: Maison/Battle Spot

    Staraptor with reckless HA ability and a choice band / life orb pretty much destroys normal singles mansion. Just spam brave bird until all dead .
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    What will Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire bring to the competitive aspect?

    Mega Groudon (Earth/Fire) Ability: Solar Power Yes please. On a more serious note I would not be surprised by Mega Sceptile and Mega Swarmpert and maybe a new mega Blaziken form. The nice thing about the 3ds is they can patch X & Y to allow for new mega pokemon in them.
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    Complete My Team!

    Try scarf diggersby. It has two 100% acc stab moves (return and EQ) on huge power and shares no common weakness with your other members. I find 100% stab moves at speed to be best in mansion since a hydropump miss vs houndoom etc wreaks causes a loss.
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    Rate my Volt-Turn Team!

    All I am saying is why not run say sword dance/bulk up talonflame or such. You got loads of covers for its type weaknesses and then if an opponent stupidly leaves in something on a switch you get chance to try for a few big ko hits while they struggle to remove it. You can even teach it u-turn :p
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    Rate my Volt-Turn Team!

    The problem with your team is that it has too much "checking". You have nothing to break down a team other than attrition. What I am saying is that you need a sweeper, something that can properly take advantage when Rotom-W swops out and they make an error by leaving in a burnt Dragonite or...
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    Pokemon of the Week: Diggersby

    Point of Scarf Diggersby is not to be a snail slow mon that hits hard with one priority move (like the ones you mentioned). With Scarfed speed it can outrun Greninja and the jolly/timid top tier threats and has coverage to kill them all or U-turn switch to maintain momentum and works great along...
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    Pokemon of the Week: Diggersby

    Now most peoples first and likely still current view on Bunnelby was when they encounted one on route 22 and one shot it thus instantly dismissing it as this generations lame Buneary clone. To an extend they would be correct as on a regular playthrough it is less than useless. This topic aims to...
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    Which Football Team do you support?

    Manchester United since I live in manchester and up till recently within touching distance of old trafford
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    Magmar, Electabuzz distribution events announced for Europe, Australia: Magmar to hol

    Re: Magmar, Electabuzz distribution events announced for Europe, Australia: Magmar to Picked this up today in Game Manchester UK. Have to go to the till and ask. The cashier will then put it through the till and give you a unique one use code along with a leaflet a foil pikachu trading card...
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    Bulbagarden Battle League: Season 1 [CLOSED]

    Re: Bulbagarden Battle League: Season 1 [OPEN] Mono teams have a nightmare countering anything. I could tell glory all day my team is azumarill, volcarona, breloom, scizor etc and I'd still be fairly comfortable in holding an advantage no matter what he picks. The best resistance he can get vs...
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    Help with dragonite.

    You making a classic mistake of team building. You are focusingin too much on stopping dragonites counters with dragonite itself. What you should be doing is building dragonite to its strenght (boost sweeping) and build pokemon around it that can wreak its weaknesses.
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    The Elite Tournament

    Totally supporting superbob!!! Go bob you can do it!!!
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    BBL YT: Pokémon Showcasing

    If twitch plays pokemon taught us anything its that personal community picked and loved pokemon are great to watch into battle. Love the idea of a quality player showing how a well played 'bunch of misfit' mons can kick ass. Look forward to seeing what gets picked (plus named gotta have names...
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    Please rate my team!

    Might wanna take EQ on Dragonite since you don't have any Ground moves.
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    Please rate my team!

    Go liquid ooze ability with assault vest with knock off, scald, rapid spin and sludge bomb/ice beam. Nothing would be happy switching into or fighting that.
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    Please rate my team!

    Based on the (you aint getting 3 leftovers in xy arguement) how about tentacruel instead of jellicent. Is equally annoying to fight and uses black sludge which easy to obtain.
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    Please rate my team!

    Uturn is poor on a defensive boosting set. No point SDancing if your going to uturn out. Plus being slow (no spd invs) means you'd take that fire hit you'd prefer to swop and avoid anyway. Go bug bite as it gets tech boosted to be more damage and removes berries.
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    Please rate my team!

    Two things Bug Buzz? Ok I get that you most likely want to be able to be useful if burnt but surely Bug Bite is a better option (though move difficult to obtain this gen). Three leftovers that is difficult to obtain.
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    As with all unreleased pokemon we don't lnow any final details for this pokemon. It might be the standard moveset but given that was hacked Nintendo might change it up and give it some unique moves.
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    Datel's released a cheating device for X and Y

    Wow that sucks and how lazy is Game Freak. This is possibly the most disappointly poor thing they have done.