• Snowy faces off against Nessa. Watch here as he flounders around a bit against the Water type specialist.

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  1. J

    Would you like a mixed type gym?

    I have always thought it would be cool to have a gym that uses different types. it'd be more of a challenge as long as they dont reveal his or her pokemon
  2. J

    Break Evolution

    will break evolution be implemented in the games
  3. J

    trainer az

    well i dont think there is a thread for this but do you think hell be in the anime and what role would he play
  4. J

    M17: Pokémon XY movie

  5. J

    will all this leaking screw us over

    Canada and Italy have reportedly broken the street date. i dont know if this is true but i'm starting to think that iff the leaking continus we may not have a world wide release for future games what do you think
  6. J

    how do you think cartoon network will handle xy

    how do you think cartoon network will treat x/y. For the past few years they haven't done a good job promoting it. do you think they'll treat it better this time around i think they should start treating it like its an original i mean it has been there for at least 8 years
  7. J

    Viola: what role will she play

    During the smash promo the showed her character card. I think she has more of an important role then just being a gym leader. It seems odd to me that they would show her like that if shes not important. What do you guys think.
  8. J

    Pokemon X/Y E3 Showcase

    while it really has not been done before other then simply mentioned. i think there is a very good chance that this year could be different. reasons why i think they will showcase them world wide release massive upgrade first real 3d pokemon game