• Snowy faces off against Nessa. Watch here as he flounders around a bit against the Water type specialist.

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    Pokemon Stadium 2 - Little Cup/Egg Cup

    THIS. TOURNAMENT. IS. DRIVING. ME. MAD!!! Seriously, what does it take to beat this cup? I've powered through the others, and I can't breed Pokemon of my own right now because I'm still gathering all the things I need to restore my Gold/Silver/Crystal cartridges. And this is...
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    PMD's Linked Move feature in the main game

    Random thought: How do you think battle strategies would change if the Linked Move feature from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Linked_move) was introduced into the main/proper game line? On one hand, you would have no problem executing combination attacks...
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    Why do you cheat?

    I recently put on my wishlist a GBC Game Shark and a DSi Action Replay. Obvious reason why not stated. But with all the internet chatter I've come across about how people hate getting hacked Pokemon in trades or going up against someone with All Shiny Legendaries, I have to ask... Why do...
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    Should how the PokeDex works be change?

    One of my biggest complaints about the series outside of event Pokemon is the PokeDex. Why is it? Well, as I've stated before, I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and because of the PokeDex, a part of me always tries to complete every entry on the main game version I'm playing. Even...
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    What's your playstyle?

    I was listening to a audio review of Pokemon B/W from a website who's reviewer grew up with the franchise and one that never got into it or saw the point. The subject drifted to playstyle towards the middle of it, and the one fan said the PokeDex was one of those things he never did. He would...
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    Originals or Remakes?

    I would just like to take a quick pulse of this forum to settle my curiosity. Who here still plays the original games (R/B/Y/G/S/C) and who here are playing the remakes instead (LG/FR/HG/SS)?
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    Hello! New User here!

    Hey look! Another member has signed up! Just to introduce myself, I'm a Gen. 2 Pokemon player, as I've grown bitter against Nintendo with their "event exclusive" Pokemon. Recently, I picked up my GBA SP and the Pokemon games I have to start back up again, only to discover things like...