• Snowy faces off against Nessa. Watch here as he flounders around a bit against the Water type specialist.

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    *Tag* You're it V2 (Begone Foul Spirit! Plague this thread no longer!!)

    Re: *Tag* You're it V2 Mr Ed Popper500 did you do all your homework?
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    Random Messages Episode X

    Problem is, I can't remember which email I used. I tried several, but to no avail. I may just have to make a new account if the admins don't get back with me.... I tried that, and it requires your email, which I can't remember.
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    Random Messages Episode X

    It is.
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    Random Messages Episode X

    Hi guys. It's me popper500. Using my dads account right now. Does anyone know how to find the email you used for your account? I forgot my password and email. My dad tried contacting an admin, but we haven't gotten a reply yet.
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    Starf and Lansat

    My internet is down tonight, but I will try to get to any requests soon.
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    Starf and Lansat

    Wish I could say the same - I got some heracross.
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    Starf and Lansat

    I am on most nights 8-10PM eastern MY 2DS friend code is 1822 0326 6280 I also have Ditto on my Friend Safari I am not on bulba that often though, so send me a message to let me know when you want to trade. I am not looking for any particular pokes in return, just want to help people out
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    Starf and Lansat

    I have starf and lansat berries if anyone wants a pair to start growing them. Why would I need them you ask? If you use them in the juice shop you can get a rare soda which raise the level of onep oke 2-5 levels once per day. You might also want two other berries - the ones which make the...
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    GEN VI: Lansat/Starf..?

    Well if I get any I will start planting them and share them with you guys. Do any of you need Ditto in Friend safari? That is my FS
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    GEN VI: Lansat/Starf..?

    I also am looking for these. You get them by getting 100 and 200 win streaks in the battle maison. The most I have done is 53 wins in a row. If anybody finds someone who has them, they should be planting them so hopefully they will share. Maybe we can agree tha if any of us gets them we will...
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    GEN VI: Wanted Starf/Lansat Berries - will trade Ability Capsule

    you can get after 100 and 200 straight battle maison wins
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    GEN VI: Need Pokerus

    I have pokerus, but I am only able to play in evenings, usually 8-10PM eastern time, and I am going on vacation starting tomorrow, but maybe we can work it out. I dont really care what you trade.
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    GEN VI: Wanted Starf/Lansat Berries - will trade Ability Capsule

    I want Starf or Lansat berries Willing to trade ability capsule
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    Pokemon X/Y Friend Code Sharing Thread- PLEASE READ FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING

    Re: Pokemon X/Y Friend Code Sharing Thead I think I have Normal with Ditto, but my friends have not confirmed this yet. Confirmed My FC is I would like to give priority to my freinds and members of my social group BABA Bald Accountants Battle arena If by some fluke I am wrong about my...
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    New Member!

    Welcome Popper - Do you like penguins?
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    Pokemon apps for Android tablets

    I have a cheap android tablet I am looking for some good apps. I downloaded a IV calculator, but it is hard to use. I would like some tools for pokemon breeding: IV calculator Gen pokedex Commonly used move sets Also I am not sure if we are allowed to discuss this (if not...
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    Well hey there

    Welcome IM blue - great introduction If you ever want to battle, please ask me.
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    Welcome Obscure Echo. what kinds of areas would you like to contribute? Game guides, art, movesets and teams for battling? sorry I just am always curious about what new people are interested in. once again welcome.
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    Hi, I'm PyroPokeman.

    Hope you have a good time. Do you like to battle much, I am always looking for people who like to battle?
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    Alakazam's Anagrams

    This is a game from Team neutral on Smogon (Rest in Peace) The person who is "It" takes the name of a Pokemon and makes an anagram out of its letters, and its ability and makes an anagram out of those letters, and uses the two anagrams in a sentence or two. He makes the words in the pokemon...