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    Videogame Deals

    I'm sorry if a thread like this already exists, but the search system still refuses to work. I mostly made this thread because of this: $1 PS3 and Vita game sale on PlayStation Store this weekend - GameSpot I personally don't have any Playstation system that can make use of these deals...
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    Free Software - what do you use?

    I was initially going to make a thread about open-source software, since that one ends up being more legitimate kind of free, say, without ads or tricky installs that try to sneak taskbars unto your web browser, but I felt like that was too restrictive. So! What free software do you use, and...
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    Do you read videogame magazines?

    The topic of this thread is simple: do you read magazines dedicated to videogames? Why (or why not)? With the Internet becoming more and more commonplace and people using it as a prime way to access news from the comfort of their home for free, there's been likely less of an incentive to buy...
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    Rate the last game you played

    Finished a game recently? Then let's hear your opinion about it! I'll start: I recently finished Sam and Max Season 2. I'll rate it as 8,5. I enjoy Sam and Max a lot, and I believe this season not only had the best episode of the series so far (Chariot of the Dogs), which involved a lot of...
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    Free Entertainment

    We all love entertainment, but not all of us are exactly swimming in cash, so freebies are always welcome. Thankfully, some resources already have free entertainment available a click away! So, if you know of any of these sites (or by any chance a physical place), feel free to share them. I...
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    SWTOR's Free-to-play Restrictions Revealed

    As some of you might know already, Bioware's MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic will stop using its pay-to-play scheme in detriment of one of the increasingly popular free-to-play ones. Recently, the official website has been updated with a table which compares the differences between those who...
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    Hacker gets pay day from Google for cracking Chrome

    Source: Google pays ‘hacker’ Pinkie Pie $60K for cracking Chrome | VentureBeat
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    Microsoft Research developing 'Digits'

    Source: Microsoft Research looks for technology more accurate than Kinect, comes up with this wrist-worn gloveless sensor | GamesRadar
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    Toy Story TV Special "Toy Story Of Terror" Coming Fall 2013

    Source: Toy Story TV Special Toy Story Of Terror Coming Fall 2013 Since I loved Toy Story 3 (namely its homour) I can't exactly hide my excitement for this new short, despite not having seen Partysaurus Rex yet. Sadly, it seems like our favourite animated toys won't be spooking our Halloween...
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    Software is now available on Steam

    Source: Valve Adds Software to Steam What do you guys think about this? I confess it surprised me, but after the initial shock it seems to me that it's the logical next step for Steam to take, taking in account its success in the virtual market - mostly thanks to its attractive prices...
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    Movie Releases Thread

    In continuation of the old Comic Movie Releases thread (which will be kept as a regular, non-stickied thread for reference), the new Movie Releases thread will serve to announce and discuss upcoming and newly released movies. To keep things organized, please respect the following guidelines...
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    Move-of-the-Week Discussion #5 - Eruption

    In Pokemon, there are a lot of different moves used by different Pokémon. However, there are certain moves we don't normally see being used, heard about, or used in a meaningful manner. In this type of discussion, we shall discuss the ins-and-outs of the move of the topic, and there will be some...
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    Discussion of Currently Airing Animé

    In this thread, you may discuss the current line-up of anime airing. While mostly these discussions are aimed at the current season* other long running anime such as Detective Conan or One Piece which are currently airing are also included. In case an anime currently airing starts...
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    Sakamichi no Apollon

    Mini-review (until episode 4) If you haven't guessed yet, I love this anime - from the ones I have chosen this season, it is without doubt my favourite (the other two are Space Brothers and Polar Bear Cafe). The first thing I adored, and that immediately caught my attention was one of the...
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    ghaskan's Gallery

    I have been debating for a while whether or not to post some designs I do once in a while, especially for a shop over at other forum which focus on Digimon (so that's why there's a lot of these). I don't really consider these to be art, but since some of you folks might enjoy looking them, I...
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    ATTENTION: A step back and two promotions!

    Heya guys! It's been a while since I was first entrusted with the task of overseeing the Pokémon World's operations as its forum head. However, it's not an easy task and I eventually felt overwhelmed by it, which lead me to the decision to step down as the forum head. That does not mean I'll...
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    Pokémon World General Chat Thread

    Greetings, inhabitants from the Pokémon World and those from far and beyond! This chat thread was created after this suggestion and, while it is still on a trial run, it should help us who enjoy this section's subject get to know one another and have some healthy discussion. You are not...
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    Non-Mafia: Death Note - The Game. Final Phase (Riot) 17/09/2011

    The Game! 'Sup, War Room? You seem to know the quirks of Mafia and all its secrets, but what if we play another game? It's not all too different from Mafia games, but it's different enough to deserve its own approach. In this game of deceit, there will be two almighty characters put...
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    ATTENTION: A new moderator for the World!

    Greetings! As some of you may have noticed on the list right bellow this section's threads, or at the usergroups' page, the Pokémon World has hired a new moderator. For doing a great job as a provisional moderator thus far and for his positive activity in this section, he has chosen to patrol...
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    TEEN: Blizzard

    Hello, everyone! I have always had a love for writing, however, I usually lack the motivation to do so. Just to give you an idea, I started writing this fanfic last year and it is still very far away from being completed! In order to fix that, I decided to publish a fanfiction written by me, to...