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    Rebirth: A Batman Fanfiction (Prologue now up)

    Rebirth Summary: Batman struggles to grasp on to his sanity as a new threat pushes him to his cracking point. Batman must separate his emotions and feelings as he faces a gruesome reality. Will Batman fall with Gotham, or will the hero succeed against all odds in this thrilling Batman...
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    TEEN: The Untold Tales of The Dark Knight (Season 1) (Chapter 2)

    THE UNTOLD TALES OF THE DARK KNIGHT Season 1 I have decided to take a break from the Pokemon World. I have now entered the world of villains and crime fighting. Hopefully you will like this fan fiction on the Dark Knight! The Untold Tales of The Dark Knight SEASON 1: Welcome To Gotham...
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    Trade all my legendaries for a netflix account to share

    I have lots of legendaries but i dont play pokemon anymore. Ill give away like all of them if someone shares there netflix account with me. thank you!
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    When Evil Meets Evil Book 1 (The Remake) [Violence]

    WHEN EVIL MEETS EVIL Im back again. Its alster 08 and I am glad to present a remake of the When Evil meets Evil Saga. When I first made the idea it was a hit. I completed Book 1 and Half way through Book 2. But now I am remaking Book 1 as we speak and I am presenting the first Chapter. This...
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    The Pokemon Boarding School

    Havent been on Bulbagarden in a while. But I still managed to write some stories and I beleive this one was the perfect one for me! This Fanfiction is about Pokemon trainers who are forced by there parents to go to a Pokemon Boarding School where they will learn about Pokemon from around the...
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    Help with a new upcomming fanfiction (The Pokemon Boarding School"

    Well "When Evil Meets Evil Hoenn Horrors" made an epic plunge down the toilet so im afraid that i am dropping the WEME series for a new and improved fanfiction that will definitly be much more well written than When Evil Meets Evil Hoenn Horrors. This new fic is going to be called "The...
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    Pokemon Mansion The Hunting (Horror, Dark Fic, PG-13) Chapter 2

    Pokemon Mansion The Hunting Table of Contents Prolouge What Lies beyond the Gates Chapter 1 The Forbidden Forest Chapter 2 Origin’s of the Pokemon Murderer Prologue What Lies Beyond The Gates The forest was completely silent through the entire night. No Pokemon roamed, they all...
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    Ideas for My upcomming Fanfic Poke-Mansion The Hunting

    Poke- Mansion The Hunting! A new Fanficis comming soon along with the sequel to When Evil Meets Evil. The only thing is that I need your help with ideas. Here's what I have so far. ~The characters will be made by me. ~It will take place in Isshu. ~No new Generation 5 Pokemon will be found...
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    Any Problems in When Evil Meets Evil Hoenn Horrors

    Any Problems in When Evil Meets Evil I just wanted to know if there are any problems with When Evil Meets Evil before I continue. Is there something left out or its simply not readable. I was just thinking that because I hadnt had any comments on Chapter three and only a few comments on the...
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    When Evil Meets Evil Hoenn Horrors (Book 2) Chapter 16

    CENTER][/CENTER] When Evil Meets Evil Hoenn Horrors (Book 2) Author: Alster08 Date Began: August 25th 2010 Hello and welcome to the When Evil Meets Evil Hoenn Horrors thread. Here is where the story will be posted in. I am very excited to here your reactions and I promise you that...
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    Alster08's Fanfiction Trailor Shop

    Alster08's Trailer's Galore Shop In here you may request a trailer for your fanfiction but you must provide details that you would like included. If you find pictures or videos that you want me to add just say so. If not I will provide my own video or Pictures that I find around the web. You...
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    Planning your Fic

    Most people plan fics but most people do it diffrently. Do you plan by chapters or you just set up characters and go from there. Share your ways of planing.
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    When do you struggle writing chapters

    Latly I have been haveing lots of trouble writing When Evil Meets Evil so I began to have lots of writers blocks from time to time. I usualy get it when Im writing the ends of my chapters or more often than not the begaining of the chapter. Do you feal the same way.
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    Pokemansion: The Hunting

    A new Fanficis comming soon along with the sequel to When Evil Meets Evil. The only thing is that I need your help with ideas. Here's what I have so far. ~The characters will be made by me. ~It will take place in Isshu. ~No new Generation 5 Pokemon will be found. Characters Ray Brice Jillian...
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    When Evil Meets Evil: The Sequel Thoughts and Ideas

    Here I would like to discuss a sequel to my next Fanfiction project. How do you like the idea of "When Evil Meets Evil: Hoenn Horrors. The story will take on a new surprising Plot that I have made up. I will try to make the characters how they are in the TV show. Here you can give me some ideas...
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    How do you cross out text

    I see a lot of people cross out text. How do you do that?
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    Which user gave you the worst argument

    Almost everyone has gotten into a little chat fight with some user. Who was yours and why.
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    COMPLETE: Secrets Behind Giovanni (ONESHOT)

    Secrets Behind Giovanni OneShot Giovanni stepped out the door into a beautiful winter day. The fields were covered in shiny white snow and the waterfall was frozen shut. No water was found in the lake, just solid ice. Giovanni said his last words to his unforgettable family and...
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    COMPLETE: When Evil Meets Evil (Book 1) (COMPLETED)

    When Evil Meets Evil Made by BlazakingEX Summary... Team Rocket attacks Kanto again. Team Magma and Aqua attack as well because humans dont appriciate them trying to help. Team Galactic gives up in Sinnoh and goes to Kanto to terrorize the people. The chaos heats up as many people...
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    The Kanto Master League (PLEASE READ LAST POST MADE BY ME)

    THE KANTO MASTER LEAGUE Most people did not like my original first chapter so I decided to change the whole thing to a brand new plot. PLEASE COMMENT!!!! CHARACTERS Red Proffesor Oak Red's Mom Officer Jenny Lyra Khoury Team Rocket Grunt(s) Nurse Joy Blue Brock Referee...