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  1. Souperzombie

    SwSh Looking for larvitar/pupitar/tyranitar

    Title says all, really. Female is preferred but not mandatory. I don't exactly know what I could trade for it but I do have a couple of dreepy that I just bred if one of those will do. Ask me if you want something different and I'll see if I can get it.
  2. Souperzombie

    LGPE Looking for Alolan Graveler

    I want an Alolan graveler, preferebly with decent IV's but it's not a requirement. Tell me what you want for it and I'll see if I can get one, but I'd prefer to trade another graveler (alolan or regular), machoke, or one of my butt-ton of chanseys for it.
  3. Souperzombie

    GEN VII: LF Shiny Yveltal with English name

    As the title suggests i'm looking for a Shiny Yveltal with it's normal English name (region doesn't matter, as long as the name is the same as it is in English). I don't have much to give apart from the shiny pokemon I have listed in my signiture (and here). Please reply. Thanks.
  4. Souperzombie

    GEN VII: LF a few specific untouched legendaries + UBs

    What I'm looking for is the following: Palkia in Ultra, Premier or Luxury ball Thundurus in Premier or Luxury ball (low priority) Latias in Premier or Luxury ball (low priority) All of them should have their default English names (region doesn't matter as long as the name is the same as their...
  5. Souperzombie

    GEN VI: LF mystery eggs for an Egg-through

    I've decided to start Y again and I'd like to do a mystery egg playthrough because why not. I only need 5 eggs as opposed to the usual 6 because I'll be using my starter. Please do not provide eggs with Magikarp, Feebas, Sunkern, hacked pokemon, or any pokemon that can easily be acquired...
  6. Souperzombie

    GEN VI: Requesting UK Smyths shiny Rayquaza code when released

    I know it's not out yet, but I want to essentially reserve a code, since I won't be able to go out and get one myself and I really want my own shiny Rayquaza. To trade for it, I have a Wishmaker Jirachi, a 2008 Gamestop Deoxys, a 2008 Alamos Darkrai, a spring 2010 shiny Pichu, a Pokeball pattern...
  7. Souperzombie

    GEN VI: Looking for a few pokemon

    The Pokemon I am looking for are [from highest to lowest priority]: Any untouched legitimate Shiny Rayquaza* Untouched Fancy Vivillion with English name* Any untouched Mew with English name* Untouched Pokebank Celebi with English name* I have several legendaries to offer: May add to this list...
  8. Souperzombie

    GEN VI: Female HA Pumpkaboo/Gourgeist

    Title. Any size is acceptable except super. Tell me what you want and I'll see if I can get it.
  9. Souperzombie

    GEN VI: Pokeball Vivillion

    Looking for a pokeball vivillion. Clones are OK, straight-up hacks are not. I can offer a shiny ninjask, swadloon, or bellossom. I also have a shiny ralts with 4 egg moves for trade, but I'd rather keep that unless it's absolutely necessary. I have either caught, evolved or hatched the shinies...
  10. Souperzombie

    GEN VI: Shiny Froakie for Charizardite X

    Title. Bred it not too long ago. It does not have Protean, but it has the egg moves Mud Sport and Toxic Spikes.
  11. Souperzombie

    GEN VI: Shiny Fletchling for Tyranitarite

    Title says all. It is level 1 and I got it in a wonder trade. The main downside to this trade is that it has been nicknamed 'Toadette'.
  12. Souperzombie

    GEN VI: HA Drilbur/Excadrill

    Pretty much self explanatory. I'd like it under level 40, nature and IV's don't really matter. Just tell me what you want for it and I'll see if I can get it.
  13. Souperzombie

    Mold breaker Excadrill/Drilbur

    Pretty much self-explanatory. I would like it under level 40. Decent IVs would be appreciated, and I don't want a nature that reduces attack or speed. I can generally only offer some pokemon with egg moves: A Tyrunt with thunder, ice, and fire fang (all Adamant), a Pichu with charge and volt...
  14. Souperzombie

    Swapping dream world lugia for dream world lugia

    I essentially want to swap my dream world lugia for another one to get boosted EXP. Level 40 and/or unnicknamed is preferred, but not mandatory.
  15. Souperzombie

    Looking for Tornadus

    Title says all. Legit is preferred, Shiny is instant no-no. Don't have much in the way of legendaries to trade, but tell me what you'd like and I'll see if I can acquire it. P.S. I don't know if PokeRus can spread from Gen III to Gen V through all that trading, but if it can my copy of...
  16. Souperzombie


    Hullo, I are new user. So hi. And stuff. Came here because I regularly visit the wiki. And I want a Tornadus. So ima go post that in the Munchlax thingy forums part now. Hi again.