• Magnificent Entertainer supercharges his team with some new TMs. Watch here as he wishes that the player character was wearing a trench coat.

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    Adamant Terrakion Needed

    Adamant TERRAKION needed lvl 42 or 45 needs to be completely unused no exp at all. who got one ill hook u up nice whatever u want i got legends drought vulpix shiny dragonair whatever u need hit me up asap 973 600 0338
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    List of poke im tryin to get rid of

    Dragonair Lvl. 42 Female Docile ....Slam, Agility, Dragon Tail, Aqua Tail....Shed Skin Gabite Lvl. 33 Female Docile ....Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Slash, Sandstorm....Sand Veil Metang Lvl. 33 Bashful ....Earthquake, Brick Break, Gyro Ball, Psychic....Clear Body Shelgon Lvl. 33 Female...
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    Trippiest Pokemon

    In other words, which pokemon makes you bug out the most
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    Lookin for a sableye non-cheated

    I can breed you literally any pokemon you want that can be bred so let me know
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    Wats goood

    Im New Im just sayin whats up to everyone