• Magnificent Entertainer supercharges his team with some new TMs. Watch here as he wishes that the player character was wearing a trench coat.

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    Do any of you have an un-needed second/third/fourth Regice sitting in the corner of your pc? I've lost my Black version so I will need one to complete my Pokedex in Black 2. I do not have much to offer right now, but we can figure something out.
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    How tall are you?

    So it's simple how tall are you guys? I'm about 1.86cm/6'2feet(?)
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    Whatza happening forum

    So I am new here obviously. I like Pokemon and stuff yeah.I joined this site with the username Lyra because I was using Kotone in serebii XD. Anyway I really hope to enjoy the forum and also hope that everyone is nicer than in serebii (I get hate messages for trying to help...) cya people in the...