• Snowy goes in for a rematch against Nessa. Will the tides turn in his favor, or will he get dragged under by the current? Watch here to find out.

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    Do you attend anime conventions?

    This thread is geared towards those of you who enjoy attending anime cons. Which anime cons, if any, are you planning to attend this year? I love traveling to different anime cons and seeing what each one has to offer. =) As for me, I went to Tsubasacon (WV's anime con) in 2004 and 2005...
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    Is anyone good at making banners? I have a request!

    Hey guys! I have a special request for someone. We (SOVA) need someone to make a banner for us, which meets the following size requirements: 2550 x 600 pixels Here's an example of what this banner might look like: http://i43.tinypic.com/23kqgqv.jpg It would also be great if the banner...
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    Thanks for expanding the inbox total!!

    My inbox has been 90% full for quite a while, with the limit set at just 200 messages.... But now that the max number has been increased to 500, I've gotta say, that's a nice number for the total amount of PMs we can save. Great job! Thanks a lot, guys! ^_^
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    Byron and Pluto appearing - Ash uses Riolu?

    Wow! I found new info about the anime! That's a first!! O.O http://pokebeach.com/#dp105-and-106-feature-byron-air-date-for-riley-episode Thanks goes to Pokebeach for posting the info! ^^ So anyway, it looks like we finally get the gym battle. And could this also mean a Riolu...
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    "Strategy With A Smile" review thread

    Okay, so this is the last episode of The Wallace Cup. Things are really heating up now! =D And wow, it's May vs Dawn vs Zoey in the final rounds of the contest! Who's gonna win? Let's find out! Anyway, this will certainly be an interesting episode. I'm excited to see how...
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    CN to air Pokemon-A-Thon

    Next Monday, Labor Day, CN is gonna be airing 20 episodes of Pokemon D/P Battle Dimension. The marathon will begin at 8:00 AM (Eastern). Of course, the best part is that they're gonna be airing the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 special at 7:30 PM. Then at 8:00 PM, they're airing The Rise of...
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    Pokemon Magicians

    Here you can discuss Pokemon Magicians in general. You can also talk about magic and alchemy, and what role this plays in the Pokemon World. In the anime, there seems to be two different types of Pokemon Magicians: - magicans who perform simple illusions and tricks to entertain people...
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    REVIEW: S11 EP15: Crossing the Battle Line!

    Dawn challenges Maylene to a gym battle, this being Dawn's first ever, attempt at earning a badge. Heh, I'm interested to see how well Dawn does in this battle. Of course, I can't wait to see Ash's reaction either! XD
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    Cartoon Network is airing Season 3 on May 27th!

    For anyone who wants to see the 4Kids dub again, or anyone who wants to see old episodes that you've missed, you'll be glad to know that Cartoon Network will be airing episodes from Season 3. The first episode, "The Pokemon Water War" airs on May 27th at 6:30 AM (Eastern). And my source...
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    Help! I can't connect to the chat!

    I'm having a problem with my Mirc, when I try to connect to the server that Bulbagarden's chat is on. And this is what is says when I try to connect: * Connecting to irc.pocketmonsters.net (6667) Closing Link: PokemonTrainerLisa[] (User has been banned from SystemNet...
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    REVIEW: S10 EP44: Mass Hip-Po-Sis!

    Ash saves a Hippopotas. And that's all I know about this episode. XD
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    REVIEW: S10 EP43: Malice In Wonderland!

    This episode airs today. And apparently, Ash and his friends encounter a Mismagius which causes them to have weird dreams. ^^ I can't wait to see this episode! It should be really good! :-D
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    REVIEW: S10 EP42: The Electrike Company!

    This episode airs today. I've heard that Ash gets shocked A LOT in this episode!! ^^; Aww, poor guy. XD
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    Pokemon Tongue Twisters

    I was in the Bulbagarden chat, when I came up with the idea for this game. Basically, you make up a funny Tongue Twister that deals with Pokemon in some way. Examples: Lickitung looks for lucky lollipops while Luxray loves lighted lanterns. Why do Stantler stand still while simply...
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    REVIEW: S10 EP39: Steamboat Willies!

    Ash and his friends are traveling on a boat to Hearthome City (I think). In this episode, they let their Pokemon out to play and have a party. XD Also, Dawn wears a Piplup mask, and Ash gets freaked out for some reason. XD Yay!! I can't wait to see this episode!!!! :-D
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    REVIEW: S10 EP38: One Big Happiny Family!

    In this episode, Brock's Pokemon egg hatches into a Happiny. Aww, how cute! ^^ And yes, that's really all I know about this episode, lol. XD!!
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    REVIEW: S10 EP37: The Grass Menagerie!

    Ash finally gets to battle against Gardenia!! Yay!!!! :-D
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    REVIEW: S10 EP36: A Secret Sphere of Influence!

    Today, Ash and his friends learn about the legend surrounding the Pokemon of time and space! Dialga and Palkia! And that's all I know about it. XD Anyway, this should be a very good episode. It sounds interesting!! ^_^ EDIT: Is it just me....or does this episode sound...
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    REVIEW: S10 EP35: An Elite Meet and Greet!

    Today's new episode is called "An Elite Meet and Greet". And I'm excited! This should be a really good episode because Cynthia appears! ^_^
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    REVIEW: S10 EP32: An Angry Combeenation!

    "An Angry Combeenation" airs today at 9:30 AM (EST). Ash and his friends continue to look for the Amber Castle, so they can obtain the Enchanted Honey. (I don't know what actually happens, since I haven't seen the episode before) XD