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    Filler Percentages, Best Wishes Edition!

    I'm back! I exist! Dang, its been forever since I posted anything. After the somewhat..."controversial" turn the Isshu league arc took and the IMO rather mediocre Episode N, I was about ready to give up on Pokemon altogether, and stopped watching after the 2nd Da! episode. But seeing as XY...
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    Is Chuang Yi still publishing Pokemon Adventure?

    Just as the topic title says, I wanted to know if anyone had heard anything about if Chuang Yi is still publishing their english version of the manga anymore, or if the company in general might be having problems? I ask because its been a suspiciously long time since they published the last...
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    Don Battle Tournament: overall evaluation?

    So since the Don battle tournament has officially concluded, I thought it would be interesting to have a topic discussion the event as a whole and getting everyone's overall opinions about how things went and everything. Judgeing by a lot of the responses in the BW 44 topic, I'd conclude that...
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    Totally insane random BW Elite Four theory (spoilers for DP 189)

    ok, I was just reading all the comments and stuff on episode 189. Takuto beat Ash and won the entire league, yeah. But we know that since he won the league, Takuto will now have the chance to challenge the E4 and Cynthia. So here's my totally crazy out of the blue theory... What if...
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    Question about the old "Genki Ippai" song collection CD

    This is a question for anyone who is familier with the "Genki!! Ippai!! Pokémon Song Collection" CD from way back in 2005. My question is...what is the nature of the BGM tracks that are on that CD? I'm wondering specificly if these are tracks that were actually played IN THE ANIME SERIES, or...
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    Where can I find the Japanese version of Pokemon Special?

    Does anyone here know where I might be able to find the *japanese* version of Pokemon special, on-line or for purchase?
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    Filler percentages, saga by saga

    Lol, I really have no life for actually making this topic. But I was really interested in quantifiying just how much of every season was filler and how much was plot, and it was fun doing it. Note that all of these percentages are *approximate*, because I know that we could never get...
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    "Dotchi ~ Nyo?" CD single

    Hello, does anyone here know where I could find the Dotchi Nyo ending CD to buy on-line? I've been searching around, but I can't seem to find it anywhere; I checked play-asia.com and CDJapan and neither one of them seemed to have it (although CDJapan's search is sometimes so funky that I may...
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    Magical Pokemon Journey is back!!!!!

    O_O_O_O. After all these years. ALL THESE YEARS!!!! FINALLY!! http://cgi.ebay.com/ENGLISH-COMICS-MANGA-MAGICAL-POKEMON-JOURNEY-PART-8_W0QQitemZ150356441142QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item2301f13836...
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    Recent japanese Pokemon CDs

    I have a couple questions about Pokemon CDs, since there doesn't seem to be any complete CD discography on-line that I can find. First, how many CDs have been released since last summer? The last Pokemon CDs I purchased were the ones related to the 11th movie, so I want to catch up with any...
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    Recent Pokemon CDs

    Can anyone tell me what Pokemon CDs have been released since the 10th movie singles/sountrack last year? I'm planning to catch up and buy them from CDJapan, but their search engine doesn't always bring stuff up if I just type in "pokemon" as the search keyword, and I can't find an up to date...
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    Are there ONLY 8 gyms in Shinou?

    In the Unown episode that just aired this past week, I noticed something interesting. When Ash showed Kengo his badge case, we could see all the empty slots where his future badges would go...and they were all shaped exactly like the badges he is going to be getting. Now, the reason this...
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    A New Pokemon Box Set

    Earlier today animeondvd.com posted a list of new titles that Viz will be releasing in the coming months. one of those titles is one called "Pokemon All Stars Collection". It's priced at 39.98, has an estimated runtime of 750 minutes, and will be released May 22nd. What do you guys think...
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    Pokemon Contest Retcons

    I just recently began rewatching all the major contest and gym battle episodes in AG, and I noticed some interesting things about AG 13, the very first contest episode, that I'd totally forgotten about. That one contest featured some elements that seem to have been totally forgotten or...
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    voice actor question

    I looked at a bunch of different sites trying to find this out before coming here and making this topic. My question is...who does the japanese voice of Vivian in Pokemon? It sounds very familier. My guess is that it's the voice actress who played Ayeka in Tenchi, but I'm not sure.
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    COMPLETE: My Tenchi in Tokyo fanfic

    I wonder if anyone actully read the last fanfic I posted here. I didn;t get any feedback :(. oh well. Here's a short Tenchi in Tokyo one shot for you all to enjoy ^_^. I Love You Too *Hi, Rocketshipper here...
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    COMPLETE: (Non-Pokemon) Silent Hill 2: Eddie's Story

    I posted this fic on another forum and it got deleted because of the content ^_^. Contains graphic violence and language. I hope this isn't too long for a single post. Silent Hill 2: Eddie’s Story *Yo, Rocketshipper here. I can’t believe it, I’m actually...