• Magnificent Entertainer explores Route 213 and Pastoria City. Watch here as he encounters a strange man with an affinity for feet.

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    Like a Line Drive! (Original, PG-13)

    Like a Line Drive! Yep, this is the NEW Like a Line Drive! thread. The old one reeked of me being insane in the head, so I trashed it, and created this one. The story is... Uh, actually, I'll quote TVTropes since I'm terrible at making a short summary: "This series ... [revolves] around...
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    *insert standard greeting here*

    Ciaossu, it is I, LightningKimba. Hm... What to say... Uh... I like playing fighting games, reading manga, writing fanfics, uh... My favorite color's turquoise, my fave Pokémon Special manga character's Gold, and I'm an awful person when it comes to anything Pokémon! ;^^ Uh... If you have any...