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    Maharaja Roppongi

    Anybody knows this popular night club in Japan?
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    Contest: Buneary vs Bunnelby

    We have many (but not too many) rabbit/hare/lagomorph-based Pokémon, but I only pick the Normal-type ones. Buneary and Bunnelby, both two Normal-type lagomorphs, and stand at same height. But if you only can pick one, who will you pick?
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    How many infraction points do you have? Vol.2

    As the title says. I have two infractions, but getting no infraction points. I guess I was jammed twice, but luckily, no infraction points are given. How is yours?
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    Contest: Sableye and Mawile duo vs. Zangoose and Seviper duo

    My reaction to that recent post. Which pair has the better design? Which pair is more worth using? Which pair is more dramatic?
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    Contest: Medicham VS Gallade (The Psychic Fighters Showdown!)

    VERSUS Both these guys are Psychic Fighters (Psychic/Fighting dual-types). Which guy has the better design? Which guy is more worth using?
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    Are you a Hashi-nashi Zoku? (Read first post!)

    As the title says. Hashi-nashi zoku is a Japanese term describing a person who cannot use chopsticks. It was primarily targeted at foreign tourists from the West who cannot use chopsticks. But as the western foods become as familiar on Asians' dining tables as they are in the West, more and...
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    Mid Night Club

    Anybody remembered the Mid Night Club? But I tell you, this is NOT an anime, a manga nor a game, but this was a Japanese street racing gang that hosted top speed races on the Bayshore Route (known natively as the Wangan) of the Shuto Expressway between Tokyo to Yokohama. The gang became one of...
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    Do you still consider Eevee as a starter Pokémon?

    Somebody considers Eevee is a main series starter Pokémon (like Mudkip and Snivy), while others are not. Eevee is a starter Pokémon in Pokémon Yellow (as a rival's starter), Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness and Pokémon Conquest, and like all starters (excluding Pikachu), having a gender ratio of...
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    Option magazine discussion thread

    Note: I'm surprised that nobody in "Land of the Rising Sun" are discussing about Japanese magazines, so I had to create a thread about a popular automobile tuning magazine here. (Anime and manga threads here make me frustrating) Hello, everybody here. Anybody read the Option magazine? Yes, this...
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    Contest: Tanuki Challenge

    VS There are two Pokémon based on tanukis, or Japanese raccoon dogs. They are Eevee and Zigzagoon. They are Normal-type Pokémon, and are base parts of two-stage evolution-lines. You decide: *Who has a better design? *Who is stronger? *Who is more useful? *Who's smarter than a 5th Grader? *Who...
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    Do you play Japanese-language video games?

    Here'ya all, I'm back here. Do you play video games in Japanese-language? And, did you play Japan-exclusive video games that are not released in Japanese? For me, I had tried some Japanese language video games, and even played Japan-exclusive arcade games, although I'm not a Japanese. Some of...
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    Contest: Groudon VS Wailord! The heaviest vs the longest!

    VS At first these two have nothing in common (except that they are introduced in Generation III and are included in Hoenn Dex). The one is the heaviest and the one is the longest. The one is a Ground-type while another one is a Water-type. Yep, this is a battle of the Pokémon superlatives...
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    Contest: Valentine's Day General Election! Battle of the Pokémon Couples!

    There are, currently, 6 duos of Pokémon which are confirmed related by gender (1 male and 1 female in a duo). So I decided to make a poll dedicated to them, and to commemorate the coming Valentine's Day. Which couple do you like most? The Nidoran couple? The Firefly couple? The Legendary Eon...
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    Contest: Red's Pikachu vs Joey's Rattata

    As the title says, this contest involves between Red's (Ash's) Pikachu and Joey's Rattata. Coincidentally, they are Mice Pokémon. But if you can only pick one, which Mouse Pokémon shall you pick?
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    What's your favorite Japanese sportspeople?

    As the title says, you can enter some Japanese people's name into your post. All sportspeople (including those in football, motorsports, skiing and any other form of sports) are acceptable. However, ANIME AND MANGA CHARACTERS, AND VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS ARE TOTALLY BANNED IN THIS THREAD. So you...
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    Contest: Clash of the male-only Trio!

    Throh and Sawk are considered as Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee of Unova, however Kami-trio can be a counterpart to Hitmons (as Hiitmontop is qualified as a trio master of Hitmons). Yep, both Kami-trio (Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus) and Hitmons (Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Hitmontop) are 100% male-only...
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    Which Japanese sport series do you like?

    There are many types of sport series in Japan (of course including motorsports), such as Nippon Professional Baseball, J League (Japanese Professional Football League), Japan Golf Tour, JGTC (Japan Grand Touring Championship, now Super GT), JBL (Japan Basketball League) and Suzuka 8 Hours. As...
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    Do you believe in blood types?

    Everytime I enter this forum, many guys here are talking about just anime/manga instead of entire Japan-related things, so I decided to create a forum thread about blood types, which is very popular among Japanese these days. Many Japanese people believe that blood types can affect different...
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    Contest: Pure Steel-type Showdown!

    As of Gen V, there are five pure Steel-type Pokemon, and they are Mawile, Registeel, and Klink line (Klink, Klang, Klinklang). Which do you prefer? Mawile (deciever/cheater Pokemon based on Futakuchi-onna), Registeel (legendary golem based off robots), or Klink evolutionary line (gear Pokemon...
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    Contest: Volcarona vs. Genesect

    Generation V introduces many Bug-types, but Volcarona and Genesect are the only two Bug-types that can learn Fly but not part Flying-type (due to that the number of types per one Pokemon is restricted to two instead of three, Volcarona is part Fire-type while Genesect is part Steel-type)...