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    AmourShipping (Ash x Serena) Thread

    Eh, it's cute...but it's obvious they won't end up together. As much teasing as the writers and promoters are doing, I can't help but feel this is nothing more than a ploy to draw in viewers that are interested in "romantic" subplots.
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    AmourShipping (Ash x Serena) Thread

    Re: The Ash x Serena Thread I find it very odd to see a ship seemingly pushed so much before the series even starts. I mean they're really making it seem like Serena is really in love Ash. We don't even know what her goal is yet. Every preview we've gotten of her is fantasizing about Ash...
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    XY 001 & 002 - Hour long special

    Pocket Monsters XY: The Road to Kalos (Part 1) - YouTube Pocket Monsters XY: The Road to Kalos (Part 2) - YouTube Pocket Monsters XY: The Road to Kalos (Part Final) - YouTube Those are the rest of the previews
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    Pokemon X and Y anime Opening and Ending

    Heh, that whole sequence with everyone touching/grabbing Ash is something I would have expected to see in the final season of XY...not the first. :P
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    New XY trailer + Official Site Updates

    Nope, it hasn't been stated yet. We just know that she could have potentially met him earlier in life.
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    AmourShipping (Ash x Serena) Thread

    Re: The Ash x Serena Thread No they didn't, it just said "She seems to have met Ash before...?!" I think all of us assumed they were. That was until I heard and saw translated her line "It has to be that boy from back then."
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    AmourShipping (Ash x Serena) Thread

    Re: The Ash x Serena Thread That's what I'm thinking. If the were really close childhood friends she would have referred to Ash by name, not "that boy". Regardless if it was a long time, or not. You don't just forget you close childhood friends names IMO.
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    Pokemon XY Corocoro poster!

    If Serena was was Ash's main rival, had the same experience as him region wise, and we actually had a balanced rivalry (have them go back and forth, learn from their defeats of each other), culminating in th league with either of them winning (Top 4?)....I'd be perfectly fine with that. Of...
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    Good-Bye Dento and Iris thread: Will miss you!

    It's been a...interesting ride to say the least. At least among the fandom. So all I'll say is "good luck" to you and go out there and have fun pursuing your dreams. Hopefully this is a permenant goodbye to the BW version of Ash though. :P
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    Who is Ash Ketchum?

    A long-standing slave to marketing. :P
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    PREVIEW: BWS2DA!E20 - My Dream, Pokémon Master!!

    And that's all it will ever be Ash...a dream.
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    Axew: Why didn't Iris use it more?

    I think Axew's issue is just a problem in writing with a sidekick. It's alot easier to keep her relevant by having her start and only get strong Pokemon instead of having to show her really raise weaker Pokemon on screen. Of course really showing them raise a weak Pokemon to a strong one...
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    Axew: Why didn't Iris use it more?

    Lol, Togepi is the most useless Pokemon a main character has ever had. Axew did contribute some, but ultimately it was sidelined so the viewers could see her psyche-link with a fully evolved Dragon of her own.
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    Axew: Why didn't Iris use it more?

    Looking at it's serious battles in this series: vs Georgia & Beartic (was easily beaten) vs Luke & Golett (Outrage win) vs Teaque & Vanillite (was easily beaten) It doesn't seem like the writers really took the Pokemon seriously. It probably is the most inactive battling mascot Pokemon...
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    PREVIEW: Iris vs. Clair

    Whoops, my bad. But yeah, even without those events having the Cilan/Brock and Iris/Gible/Clair thing in the same episode be still be alot of content for one episode. From looks of things the final episode for the trio together might not be animated by Iwane, which is a first IIRC for the...
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    PREVIEW: Iris vs. Clair

    That's an awful lot to cram in a single episode don't you think? Let's go over what we'll have if this is a single episode: Stopping TR and Arriving to Vermillion Hearing the reasons for Iris and Cilan's departures Departure Cilan battling a Gyrados, meeting Brock, and Healing Pansage Iris...
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    PREVIEW: Iris vs. Clair

    I'm just wondering if the "Final Best Wishes episode" that airs on the 26th includes the potential specials or not. If that's the case, which I doubt, that means we could potentially get 3 episodes of Pokemon on that day(the Ash, Iris, and Cilan episodes)...which I find unlikely.
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    PREVIEW: Iris vs. Clair

    Now I'm a bit confused. Does that mean we'll get: September 19th: Farewell September 26th: 1 hour Specials ( I would assume they are separate episodes given the Cilan episode is clearely in Iwane's style and the Iris episode isn't) October 3rd: Nothing October 10th: Nothing October 17th: XY...
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    PREVIEW: Iris vs. Clair

    If this is a pure Dragon battle, then unless that Gible is received prior to the battle with Clair, Axew might actually be used here...given I think this will be a 2 v 2 battle.
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    PREVIEW: BW: Iris VS Ibuki! The Road to Becoming a Dragon Master!!

    Re: BW: Iris and Gible Considering the amount of slots left (19th sendoff, 26th Conclusion, October 3rd seems to be the specials), it seems Iris will only get one special. Meaning that the footage of Iris/Gible and Iris battling Clair is from the same episode. There might be a break on the...