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    Should natures, or the stat-change concept, get a overhaul?

    Competively speaking, natures are a great addition to the series. It allows people to customize their pokemon's stat to fit their purpose much better. However, ingame, I have many gripes with this system. It's annoying that you need to get a bit lucky to have a nature that doesn't get in a...
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    What happened to the site before?

    The site is working fine now,but it had me confused. Upon reading the forbidden message,I even thought I was banned for a while.. What was going on?
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    I am finally here..

    well,umm.. hi. I had a kind of rocky registration here,because my alt windows hotmail decided to mess up,and delete all messages including the newly send activation mail. ah well,I got an new one at request. So on with the main post. I hanged around for a while on this forum,and it looked...