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    When is a Pokemon "Ban Worthy?"

    Pretty much everything that has to be said has been said in the previous posts, so... to add my thoughts: a pokemon is ban-worthy if it centralizes the metagame around itself in an unhealthy way/ forces you to run multiple checks and counters just to beat it.
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    Smogon bans and suspect tests discussion

    You're right, it's the combination of both, not just one. That's what I really meant in my OP, I should have worded it better. As for the banning of Mawilite, I can't say I'm too thrilled about this one, but I can definitely see the reason why it got banned to Ubers. It can set up on things...
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    Smogon bans and suspect tests discussion

    My 2c: Uber suspect should be VERY different from that of OU and although it goes against the whole principal of Uber tier(allowing broken things etc.) I can't stress enough how broken and overcentralizing this thing is. As far as I know this is the first time Smogon is trying to ban a Pokemon...
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    Honest do you choose your starter?

    Back in the day I used to go for looks; Zard etc. But now that I know what moves they learn at what lvl thanks to serebii, I tend to choose my starters based on the moves they learn. When in doubt, just choose WATER and it will never let you down.
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    Strongest starters in the gens they were introduced

    1. Venusaur: Considered easy mode back in Gen1 2. Typhlosion: Similar to Venu in Gen1. No major Gym weakness until Kanto 3. Swampert: Fantastic both in ingame usability and competitive value 4. Infernape: DPP mixed attacking superstar 5. Samurott: Mediocre starters all across the board in Gen5...
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    Most Badass Pokemon?

    If there is ONE mon that rightfully captures the title of badass it's got to be Gengar. The OG of pokemon. Just look at him.
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    favourite pokemon game

    GSC of course, you really can't ignore the power of nostalgia. Grew up with those games, made some great friends because of those games, some of whom I am still friends with today. Will always be my top pokemon game.
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    Mega Evolution

    Your Thoughts about Mega-Evolution I'm not sure that this has been done before, but I'm curious to know what everyone on BG thinks about Mevo so I'll ask this question: What are your general thoughts on Mevo? Good/Bad? Now that it's been quite some time after the first Mevos got released, have...
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    Pokemon of the Week: Sleeping on the job (Snorlax)

    Had some nice success with the Ass Vest set mentioned above when in UU a while back. Great Sp.Def, fantastic movepool and good power. Snorlax is a classic and it's a shame that it doesn't get that much usage anymore.
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    What's the trolliest thing you've done while playing?

    Scarfed Truant Durant + Sash Dugtrio trolls hard if the opponent has no idea (aka lolnub). After Durant gets off Entrainment, he/she will KO it, and then you send in Dugtrio which conveniently has Arena Trap ability, and you boost your stats with Hone Claws. Opposing pokemon will have Truant via...
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    Ideas For New Pokemon Moves

    I can almost hear Scizor crying lol. Steel_Justice above did a nice job. Things like Corrode I can totally see coming. I always didn't understand why there's no stronger special Ghost move. Shadow Ball is nice and all, but it's too weak. Special Ghost equivalent of EQ maybe.
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    NU (alpha) Discussion Thread

    How viable is Poliwrath? It's got good all around stats and a solid typing AND a phazing move in Circle Throw. Seems pretty damn nice to me but I'm having trouble choosing which one to go with since we have so many great water pokes in the tier. EDIT: Here's the set that I'm considering on my...
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    Unexplored Pokemon types

    With every passing generation comes many new pokemon with unique typings and abilities, and this gen is no exception. They can have a great impact on the game and I think it's one of the things that people look forward to the most when there's a new generation of pokemon game coming out...
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    How Can I Use Pokemon X?

    Re: Does Anyone Use Mega Gardevoir? But the thing is, SS is just too weak. Even coming off of something like Aegislash' STAB and insane attk it just fails to deliver that power even when hit SE and is used as nothing more than a finishing move. That's why a lot of the people now don't even run...
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    Which English Names Do You Think Are Better?

    Two things come to my mind. Freezer --> Articuno Strike --> Scyther srsly.
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    How old are you, Pokémon Fans? (Once more from the top)

    1991 and you bet I friggin loved growing up in 90s.
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    New Eeveelutions?

    I second this. Although I'm not a fan of eeveelutions Ground type Eevee would be cool as hell. Fighting type is iffy. I'm afraid it'd turn out to be a budget Lucario or something of that sort.
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    Prominent OU types

    What do you guys think are some of the more dominant types right now, and what do you personally have trouble against? EDIT: I realized poll is missing Dark. If you think I'm missing anything else plz tell me.
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    The Hoenn Region

    I liked water routes. It's what makes Hoenn unique. So maybe they can go further on that.
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    What Songs Are You Looking Forward To Being Remade?

    Route 110. To me this is the music that comes to my mind when I think of Hoenn. Whatever they do they better keep the trumpets.