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    I just wanna know what are some of the creative ways you use to entertain yourself post game. I started since White to train different teams of Pokémon until level 100, and it is really fun! What do you do?
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    Most epic Pokémon moment

    What, in your opinion is the most epic moment in all the Pokémon games? For me that would be meeting Rayquaza for the first time in Sky Pillar so it save the world, and then all the weather changes and water floods everywhere. EPIC Also there's two super EPIC climbing in Gen I and the remakes...
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    Pokémon myths

    I don't know all the myths and legends that surround legendary Pokémon. I want to know them all. If there's a thread about this topic, please give me the link and I will delete this one. If not, I'm ready to hear all the stories. Thank you!