• NMLewis challenges his second Gym Leader. Watch here as he explores a partially lit cave and challenges some trainers on the beach.

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    The Unofficial DS Lite Thread

    Welcome to the Unofficial DS Lite Thread! Here you can discuss/talk about whether or not you still have one, if your wondering if they still sell it etc. Well I still have it have but in a somewhat bad state and I use it to play Donkey Kong Country and Pokémon FireRed version.
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    Who still plays the old Pokémon video games?

    Who still plays the Pokémon video games from the old Generations and the poll is about what are your favorite games that are dated but still good. It's a multiple choise poll by the way.
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    How you caught Latios & Latias

    Share your experiences on when you captured these legendary dragons and how exactly like which Pokémon you used, what kind of Pokéball, was it asleep or poisoned etc.?
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    Question about a specific type of site users?

    My question is what happens to users that do not log on every possible moment but use the forum when they can like for example if a user creates an account in 2006 and uses it a few times and then forgets about it but in 2014 he/she remembers the username and password, does that user get banned...
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    New to the forums.

    Hello everyone im new to the site and would like to know how to do stuff (like how to get an avatar and stuff like that :-D).