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    FIrst Pokemon you ever raised to LEvel 100?

    A Blastoise and another I can't remember, I think it was Fearow, from Pokémon Red. (It was... back to 2001, maybe?)
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    Orchestrated Music from Ru/Sa

    Awesome! Keep it up! ^^
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    Whats Your Birthday Pokemon?

    #35, Clefairy *faints*
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    Gay marriage: Yes or no?

    I support it.
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    Of Cats and Lizards

    *eyes shine* It's great! Like someone said, it's turning out to be a great fic, congratulations!
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    Hi I'm yourr newest member

    Welcome, and have fun! ^^
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    Bulbagarden Forums factfile

    * Join date: December 23, 2008 * Birthdate: February 3, 1993 * Alias: Sayaka * Sex: Female * Race: Caucasian * Ethnicity: Various... * Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil * Eye Color: hum, honey color. * Hair Color: Black * Piercings: No * Tattoos: No * Dating/Marital Status: Single. *...
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    do you hide your passion for pokemon?

    I didn't found better words to say that, hahaha. XD
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    do you hide your passion for pokemon?

    I used to hide, until I realized how, um, silly I was. (And also discovered my cousin and some people at school played/watched the anime regularly.) EDIT: Ah, and more. The anime is "a children's thing"? Yes, it is. BUT, we all have a little child inside us, don't we? XD
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    Hey, hello! ^^

    Thanks, guys! ^^
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    Hey, hello! ^^

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    Hey, hello! ^^

    *take a deep breath* O-okay, I'm ready. *prepares herself to talk* Let's see... the name's Paola, but you can call me Pally, Sayaka, or... um... anything you want! (Ah, before I forget... I'm sorry for any grammar error, I'm Brazilian and I think I still have too much to learn~) Well, I...