• Snowy finds a Gym Leader lurking in a mine. Watch here as he faces off against Marnie and prepares to battle against Kabu.

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    Kaleidoscope Sprites

    Sprites done by me. I do VS Sprites. They need some love Do not use without permission. Deviantart. Comments would be nice Edits: From reference bases: From complete Scratch:
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    Challenge Sprites

    Ello. I love the VS sprites ever since they appeared in Sinnoh and tried my hand at a few. Edit: Feb 22, 2010 Current Work/s: 1. Syndney (Hoenn Elite 4) 2. Steven (Former Hoenn Champion) My own Sprite i used these during my old RPG but it stopped since our leader and a...
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    Hello there

    Hi to everyone. New here obviously. although i have been reading here every now and then. I hope to meet people here i can trade and battle with and some other stuff. I also like and want to RPG so can anyone direct me to one here? Pls treat me well. TY