• Snowy finds a Gym Leader lurking in a mine. Watch here as he faces off against Marnie and prepares to battle against Kabu.

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  1. Bolt the Cat

    SPECULATION: Game Freak Removes Creatures Inc. from Major Business Partners on its Website

    Game Freak Removes Creatures Inc From List Of Major Business Partners | NintendoSoup Game Freak has recently updated their website, and strangely, Creatures Inc. has been removed as one of their business partners. For those not aware, Creatures owns a 1/3 share in The Pokemon Company (and...
  2. Bolt the Cat

    SwSh LF Sweet Apple (SwSh)

    I'm looking for a Sweet Apple in Sword to evolve my Applin. I have a Tart Apple available for trade, and I can offer any other Sword exclusive up until Hammerlocke (Seedot, Scraggy, G. Farfetch'd).
  3. Bolt the Cat

    GEN VII: LF Solgaleo & Buzzwole

    I need these two from Sun/Ultra Sun to complete my dex in Moon. I have the following UBs I can trade in exchange: Pheromosa Lv. 60: Naughty Nature Alert to sounds HP: Ghost 173/206/62/186/58/204 (31/31/22/29/26/31) Pheromosa Lv. 60: Naughty Nature Likes to thrash about HP: Grass...
  4. Bolt the Cat

    What Mechanics from Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee Would You Like to See in 8th Gen?

    Let's Go PIkachu and Eevee are making a lot of changes to the gameplay. And while some of these changes are controversial, others may actually benefit the series as a whole. So which of these do you want to see in other games going forward? Here is what I would like to see carry over: Wild...
  5. Bolt the Cat

    Your Ideal Pokemon Game

    Imagine you're in charge of creating a new main series Pokemon game. What would it be like? What features would it have? Also it doesn't necessarily need to be something you think is going to happen, so ignore factors such as what Game Freak would do, what could realistically be done with...
  6. Bolt the Cat

    Windows 10

    So just yesterday, Microsoft released their new version of Windows, Windows 10. Have you installed it yet? How well is it running? What do you like or not like about it? Discuss.
  7. Bolt the Cat

    Satoru Iwata Has Died

    Sad news for Nintendo fans today. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has died of a bile growth duct. http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/pdf/2015/150713e.pdf RIP
  8. Bolt the Cat

    Banjo-Kazooie Spiritual Successor Yooka-Laylee Revealed, Coming to Wii U eShop

    So a few months ago ex-Rare developers formed a new studio called Playtonic so they could create a spiritual successor Banjo-Kazooie, gaining lots of attention from platformer fans (and rightfully so, seeing as we haven't seen any collection based platformers like Banjo-Kazooie in years). Today...
  9. Bolt the Cat

    Would You Like to See More Sequels?

    Last generation, Game Freak did something largely unprecedented: instead of making a Gray version like we all expected, they created the first ever sequels to Black and White called Black 2 and White 2. Instead of simply having a third game that follows the first two closely but changes up the...
  10. Bolt the Cat

    Virtuix Omni

    Okay, so this is a neat new piece of technology designed to further virtual reality gaming. Basically what it is is a sort of treadmill that allows you to naturally walk, run, and jump through VR worlds without actually going anywhere IRL, serving as a natural form of movement in virtual...
  11. Bolt the Cat

    Hey Everyone

    Hi, my name is Bolt the Cat and I just joined the forums. I've been an active member of other Pokemon forums (Serebii and Pokebeach), and I decided I wanted to join this one as well, so here I am. Here's a bit of my background in the fanbase: I started out in the fandom in about 98 or 99 (I...