• Snowy finds a Gym Leader lurking in a mine. Watch here as he faces off against Marnie and prepares to battle against Kabu.

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  1. marshiyanmisuta

    Customization Killed The Game Protagonist

    Do you think the new customization features in the recent pokémon games led to a decline in the chances of characters based on game PCs appearing in the anime?
  2. marshiyanmisuta

    How long do you think Pokémon 2019 will last?

    It's the first time since the original series that we had a series not based on any games or generations. How long do you think it will last? Will it outlive the current generation and last for several years, like the original series? Will it last 46-48 episodes (one year) like many current...
  3. marshiyanmisuta

    So, Pokémon 2019 is just SwSh anime after all

    We finally got our first Galar episode, yet...there was very little exposure about the region, about the city they visited, and about the local pokémon from Galar region. Based on the preview, there will be no new Galar pokémon in the next episode as well. Compared to how much focus Kanto...
  4. marshiyanmisuta

    Return of the Walking Pokémon

    I'd know this famous position anywhere. Are we returning to the classic walking mascot pokemon formula? Even Lilie is began to carry her pokemon in her arms for some reason. Goodbye Tsareena and Brionne, you're not cute enough anymore to appear in most of the episodes yet to air.
  5. marshiyanmisuta

    SM117: The Forest's Curse and the Red Kosokumushi!

    SM117: The Forest's Curse and the Red Kosokumushi! Airs: April 14 Source: 2chan Translated by Google translate and me.
  6. marshiyanmisuta

    WHAT ARE THOSE?!?!!!

    What is this? What are those? Symbol of a secret organization? A conspiracy within Alolan community? These can't be symbols for trial captains since none of them are trial captain in the show. Do they all knew each other beforehand? What's the link that connects all these different people...
  7. marshiyanmisuta

    Does Ash having NO Water Pokémon and multiple empty slots hint an Ash-Greninja return for the league

    This is a speculation I seen on Serebii forums. What do you think about it?
  8. marshiyanmisuta

    So, is there anything behind Suiren's reaction?

    There is several times in SM that people asked Suiren about her relationship with Satoshi, and she always overreacts to it. Considering how the show focused on Suiren and Kasumi's similarities, could there be something more than friendship on Suiren's part?
  9. marshiyanmisuta

    Do you remember Lilie's Z crystal?

    That was a thing, right? What happened to it?
  10. marshiyanmisuta

    SM072: Shady House's Hospitality! (Fake)

    Title: Hospitality of Shady House! Airs: May 3 Here are some summaries from the episode:
  11. marshiyanmisuta

    PREVIEW: SM066: Smash with Sketch! The Fierce Fighting Poké-Ping Pong!

    New episode title. Obligatory screencap:
  12. marshiyanmisuta

    NEWS: Ultra Guardian Arc?

    If I get it correct, Satoshi and his friends are "Ultra Guardians" now, responsible with protecting Alola from Ultra Beasts and other extradimendional threats. Did I get it right? If so, what do you think about that? That Bebenomu/Poipole is going to be a threat or ally? What will happen to...
  13. marshiyanmisuta

    NEWS: Smogon Bans Pikachu from Pokemon Anime

    Sad news for Pikachu fans. Electric Rodent's days are numbered. Smogon Bans Pikachu from Pokemon Anime
  14. marshiyanmisuta

    Disappeared SM characters

    There is several SM characters that seems like recurring characters at first, but disappeared later without doing anything important. Such as: James: Appeared in four episodes, never seen again after SM030, despite of Lusamine's recent appearance. Suiren's Sisters: Few short appearances...
  15. marshiyanmisuta

    What will happen to Rotomdex?

    What will happen to him at the end of SM? Will they leave him at Okido's lab with the rest of Satoshi's pokemon? Or leave him in Alola?
  16. marshiyanmisuta

    Rotomdex's VA faces adultery allegations

    Daisuke Namikawa faces adultery allegations
  17. marshiyanmisuta

    What was Mewtwo's endgame?

    1. "Who am I?" 2. Kill your creators. 3. Serve Giovanni, escape from Giovanni. 4. Invite and challenge powerful trainers. 5. Steal and clone their pokemon. 6. Copies vs Originals. 7. ??? 8. Profit?
  18. marshiyanmisuta

    PREVIEW: SM032: Treasure Found! Mooland Search!!

    June 29th: SM32 - We Found a Treasure! The Mooland Search!! Probably a Tomioka episode.