• Magnificent Entertainer pokes around in the Great Marsh and battles his rival again. Will Zexy finally overcome ME's team? Watch here to find out.

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    Well Hello There! :D

    Hey there!! :D I feel the same way you do...i haven't been on BMGF in like 2 years! But i've also come back....anyway, WELCOME BACK!! :DD
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    BW2 Teams

    Well...I just got White2 and I'm about to defeat Marlon...here's what I have so far though! :P Emboar Klang Sigilyph Leavanny Simipour And my 6th Pokemon is gonna be White Kyurem! This party is doing me a lot of good so far!
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    Did you make an introductory thread in Garden Grotto?

    Yep! I sure did make one! :P I was very excited to be a member of the Bulbagarden Forums because everybody was talking about how great it was! So I made one & lucky enough, made some first-time friends out of that, which I'm very thankful for! XD
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    What are you wearing right now?

    My PJs: Plaid blue PJ shorts and a pink tank top... :P
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    What are you hearing right now?

    Right now, I hear my big brother singing "Car Wash" while vaccuming... -_-
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    What bands/singers do you like the most?

    - PARAMORE!!!!! (oh yeah, I LOVE Paramore) - The Fray - Linkin Park - All-American Rejects Hehe... ;D
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    Do you go on Bulbagarden at school?

    Of course I go on Bulbagarden at school....that's mainly what I do when I'm bored (like always)! ;D
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    Do You Like to Wear Shorts?

    DUDE, I LOVE SHORTS!!!! XD Especially, in the summer...
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    What Job Do You Want When You're Older?

    I wanna be a pediatrician... :P
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    What other Pokemon Forums are you a member in?

    I'm a SerebiiForums member & a PokeCommunity member...but I like a Bulbagarden member better, so I rarely even go to those forums anymore. :P Bulbargen has more priviliges...lolz.
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    If you could have 1 thing right now, what would it be?

    Hmmm...I don't know.... *thinks hard* a cough drop....or maybe...a piece of gum?....ummm...ooooo! Oh yes, Pokemon Black!!! ^^
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    Hair color?

    I have Dark brown hair.... :P
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    Reason behind your username

    Re: The etymology of your username. I named myself "ßlaze Jџdgement" because I'm in love with Victini & blaze judgement is the japanese rendition of Searing Shot (one of Victini's moves)... :D
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    What are you wearing right now?

    Simple...i'm wearing my PJs! And that includes a plain white t-shirt & blue pajama pants (they have sheep all over it...hehe!) ^-^
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    What Was the Last Thing You Said Before This Thread???

    The last thing I said before this thread is: "UUUUUUGGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO GET POKEMON BLACK AND WHITE!!!" Lolz...it's kinda random... ^-^
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    Your Personality

    You speak the truth, my good friend. In some ways, you're exactly like me! ;P Lolz...
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    Your Personality

    The title is basically self-explanatory! What's your personality? ;D Me? I'm one of those hyper types that talk too much, talk too fast & laugh too loud. I can also be funny at times too. But all in all, I'm friendly & smart & can be a quiet, independent type when I want to. :D How about you...
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    This user above died of.....

    ^ Died because an unknown person passed you the fire extinguisher, which you didn't catch, therefore making it land in the fire surrounding Mewtwo & exploding in front you & Mewtwo's face... >:DDD
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    Rate the User Title Above You!

    8.5/10 Hilarious!! ;D It matches exactly with your avatar...
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    Last Poster Wins [v5]

    UH HELLOOOOO?!?!? Have you forgotten who the REAL winner is?!? D:< Geez...ya'll SUCK! -_- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!! J...K!!!! ;D ...but still, i win... >:D